Bangkok The Essential Guide to Contemporary Art in Bangkok
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Bangkok The Essential Guide to Contemporary Art in Bangkok

It may be best-known for its hedonistic side, but the city hosts a thriving community of artists and some impressive showcases for their works.

Often overshadowed by its formidable gastronomic and nightlife scenes, Bangkok’s nascent artistic movement is quickly becoming one of the city’s biggest draws. As Thai painters, sculptors, and installation artists rise in prominence, the city has created a number of galleries to help bring their work to an affluent international audience. The following spots range from the achingly hip to the truly avant-garde and are a must for travelling culture-hounds.

Don’t miss the Thailand of today and discover the more significant players in the city’s contemporary arts scene.
Museum of Siam Different media to explore the origins of the Thai people and their culture.
Artist's House Sort of a gallery, kind of a coffee shop, more of a cultural centre with Thai food on week-ends.