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Bangkok The Next Generation of Bangkok Spas

Thailand has a long, ancient tradition of holistic healing practices. The following places are guaranteed to revitalise even the weariest of travellers.

Thai massage may be renowned around the world for its therapeutic properties, but these days Bangkokians are embracing healing practices from all over the globe. In an effort to stand out, the latest wave of spas and wellness centres are offering everything from Japanese-style onsen to sensory deprivation tanks. The next time you’re in need a rejuvenation, give one of these treatments a try.

Theta State Float Center
For those seeking solace from the hectic streets of the City of Angels, this uncommon wellness facility offers the ultimate antidote. The word “theta” describes a state in which the brain slows down to a near-trance similar to that achieved in meditation. To help Bangkokians ease their troubled minds, Theta State Float Center provides lightproof, soundproof sensory deprivation tanks. Each of these is filled with roughly body-temperature water that has concentration of salt approaching that of the Dead Sea, meaning visitors float effortlessly without any input from the outside world. If you’ve ever wanted to be truly alone with your thoughts, this is the place to do it.

The One Sand Bath Therapy
This unusual spa turns to an ancient Japanese wellness tradition designed to boost circulation, bolster the immune system, and even ward off signs of ageing. Visitors to the spa lie down in a bathtub and are then partially covered in rust-hued volcanic sands specially imported from the Land of the Rising Sun. Supposedly, this coarse-grained sand boasts 50 different kinds of minerals, which seep in through your pores to imbue all sorts of health benefits. Be aware that the heated sands hover around a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius and that the establishment strongly advises against spending more than 20 minutes inside the tub at a time. You’ll emerge drenched in sweat, but purged of all sorts of unwanted toxins.

Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa Thonglor
Merely stepping into this minimalist, blonde wood-bedecked entrance is enough to soothe the soul. After you arrive, you will be asked to adjourn to the gender-separated, heated, mineral-rich baths, which range from 36 to 42 degrees Celsius, before cooling off with a plunge into the chilly 18-degree Celsius pool. While the lushly decorated interiors awash in bamboo and stone may be lovely, those who are shy about public nudity may find the overall experience less than relaxing. Clothing, including undergarments or swimwear, is strictly prohibited in order to provide an authentic onsen experience.

Como Shambala Urban Escape
Shambhala means sacred place of bliss and at the SPA at the COMO Metropolitan Hotel you can escape from Bangkok chaos in search for a massage, swim in the pool or light meal at the Glow restaurant. Luxury here is a philosophy of life, intended as attention to detail, harmony and relaxation. From just 30 minutes to half a day, you can choose among body care, skin, soul treatments, all carried out by certified therapists. Treat yourself to one of the Shambala Cuisine signature smoothies at the end of the path.

Check for a registered clinic The Ministry of Health's Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine regulates Thai traditional massage venues and practitioners.
Traditional Thai massage The recipient remains clothed during a treatment and the therapist use no oils or lotions.