Berlin 7 Design Icons Not to Miss in Berlin
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Berlin 7 Design Icons Not to Miss in Berlin

Some of the world’s most famous architects have helped shape Berlin’s bold, edgy aesthetic. Take in their works at these impressive museums and monuments.

While Hamburg’s futuristic skyline may glitter with edifices by the likes of Zaha Hadid and Munich’s stately downtown boasts more than a few baroque flourishes, few cities can match Berlin’s daring aesthetic style. The ravages of war in the 20th century left many of the capital’s neighborhoods in ruins, offering a blank canvas to architects and designers. Over the decades that followed, local creatives and international starchitects sought to leave their mark on the city. The result is a rare mix of old and new, of classic Bauhaus and street-art bedecked concrete and dazzling modernist buildings all jumbled together. The overall effect is certainly compelling, if not always cohesive.
The following places celebrate both the historic and the contemporary sides of Berlin. Visitors can take in in undulating ceilings, gleaming glass domes, and pieces of prewar grandeur, sometimes even in the same structure.

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