Berlin Black, Hot Berlin: a Guide for Coffee Lovers
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Berlin Black, Hot Berlin: a Guide for Coffee Lovers

Caffeine-fiends will have no trouble satisfying their cravings here, thanks to a slew of superb spots for a cuppa.

A decade or two ago, most of Berlin’s cafés were drab, utilitarian affairs serving a watery brew meant to be downed in gulps in order to get through the day. As the city’s culinary scene has blossomed in recent years, so has the quality of its coffee. Now, a string of third-wave coffee shops, many with their own roasteries, offer single-origin espressos, lovingly crafted flat whites, and even the occasional flourish of latte art. These are some of the best spots to get your daily fix.

Kaffee und Kuchenmeans “Coffee and Cake” and it’s very similar to the BritishTeatime.
Co-office Many coffee houses offer WLAN Internet access and power sockets for laptops.
Berlin Coffee Festival It takes place every year between January and March in Markthalle Neun.