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Berlin Hipster Beauty

Freshen up your look or try something totally new in the Hauptstadt at some elite grooming establishments – from tattoos to brow bars and barbers

As any local fashionista in Berlin will tell you, your personal style is defined by much more than the clothes you wear. Berliners often put a great deal of effort into looking casually dishevelled—even when they’re rocking distressed jeans and a faded tee, their beards are immaculately groomed, their brows perfectly plucked, and some of ink masterworks on their skin would look right at home in a museum.

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For years, most German barber shops in Berlin were rudimentary affairs offering little beyond a basic trim. Tarik and Rami founded this upscale barbershop in Charlottenburg with the idea that men deserve to be pampered too. All of the barbers here are wizards with a straight razor and all manner of tricks and tools of the trade. Most importantly, they’re willing to take the time to get to know each individual client and help come up with a bespoke look that fits their personality, job and lifestyle.

This is a man’s world
The Brow bar

Blame Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins, Gigi Hadid, and all the other It girls, but one day we all woke up wanting lustrous, extravagantly shaped brows and started deleting old Facebook photos of those pencil-thin, 90s-style marks that used hang over our lashes. A well-groomed brow provides a frame for the rest of the face, magically making your eyes appear brighter and your bone structure shapelier. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for amateurs to make mistakes in this area and, as anyone who has ever over-tweezed will readily attest, those can last for an agonizingly long time. That’s why it’s worth investing in a little professional attention. A single session with one of the experts at The Browery lasts for five weeks. If you’re looking for something a bit more permanent, they also specialize in microblading technology, which creates a semi-permanent, ultra-natural-looking 3D tattoo.

The Browery im KaDeWe
Interior design and ink artist

Tattoos are ubiquitous in the German capital and it’s not uncommon to see octogenarians here rocking full sleeves. As a result, competition among tattoo parlours is fierce and Berlin attracts some of the best artists in the world. If you’re planning to get inked in the Hauptstadt, head straight to this sumptuously decorated Kreuzberg studio with chandeliers and furs, where Sarah B. Bolen, a Canadian tattoo artist and interior designer, comes up with custom creations showcasing crisp, clean line work.

Black Mirror Tattoo
Europe’s second largest department store KaDeWe has been Berlin’s buzzing centre since 1907. It’s a city within the city to have a walk, discover new trends, do some shopping or enjoy lunch... and what a lunch!
The biggest food hall You don’t want to miss the treat on the sixth and seventh floors at KaDeWe: the Feinschmeckeretage. With over 1,000 places, it’s the biggest restaurant in the city and, better yet, you’ll find the best-stocked delicatessen in Europe and the second largest in the world.