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City Guides Berlin
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Visitors are immersed into 1900s history when visiting this important capital, but also find it’s a future-oriented city that doesn’t sleep – like the fashionable club and the beat of techno music.Ich bin ein Berliner, “We are all Berliners” – why?

Because among these streets one can breathe in the past century’s history, because it’s a crossroads of urban culture and subculture, because it’s enough to spend a few days in this city and feel at home. The scars of its tormented past haven’t been erased but have instead helped new buildings, museums, art and design to flourish.For nearly half a century, Checkpoint Charlie had been the border between two worlds, but today it is the centre of Europe, attracting thousands of visitors every year.From the Pergamon Altar to club Berghain – the temple of dance – Berlin has a lot to offer. Its life unfolds between Alexanderplatz and Potsdamer Platz, along shopping streets such as the 3.5-km Kudamm, or up on the 7th floor of the KaDeWe department store. It’s a continuous renewal for an uplifted Berlin, witnessed by cranes silhouetted against the sky and the inauguration of new attractions such as the Museum Barberini and the future Living Archive of Eectronica dedicated to techno music. This city is unique in Europe – although once divided, it’s now a cultural melting pot that never sleeps. Whether in the sparkling cocktail bars in the centre or in the hipster breweries in East Berlin, our exclusive AVDM tips and our city editor will help you to feel happy and at ease, picking up on the so-called Berliner Schnauze, a well-known Berliner characteristic to feel über alles.

City Editors Diana Hubbell
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