Berlin Sin City: Adult Vices in Berlin
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Berlin Sin City: Adult Vices in Berlin

Now this is a city that’s very good at being bad. Here’s where to indulge in a few deliciously guilty pleasures.

As Sally Bowles once belted out on the fictional stage of the Kit Kat Club, “Life is cabaret!” It certainly feels like it at times in Berlin. After the initial turmoil following the fall of the Wall, the city found its footing and in the process rekindled its love affair with all things decadent. While Berlin’s more youthful vices are well-documented, such as in the sinfully renowned real-life Kit Kat Club, there are a number of more sophisticated ways to flirt with high-class hedonism here.

Indulge in oysters and bubbles for an aperitif, dine like an oligarch, come to a cabaret, sip fine whiskeys enjoying a cigar: what a life!
No smoking You’re not allowed to smoke inside restaurants or bars in Europe. You have to look for a place with a smoking room.
Hackesche Höfe and Oranienburger Straße Glamour, stars and cool locations – this is a top-spot for all visitors to Berlin.