Berlin Where to Eat in Berlin’s Tegel Airport
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Berlin Where to Eat in Berlin’s Tegel Airport

Eating on the fly is never easy, but a few practical staples at Berlin’s main international airport make it possible to grab a healthy bite on the run.

Travellers in Berlin may wish to refrain from bringing up the city’s airport—unless, that is, they’re willing to endure the inevitable ensuing tirade from locals. The capital’s long overdue, wildly over-budget, desperately needed new airport is still something of a sore spot for locals, who have long lamented the project’s many pitfalls. In the meantime, the city makes due with two international gateways, Schönefeld Airport, which houses primarily budget airlines, and the Tegel Airport, the main doorway to the city. Yet though many Berliners bemoan the situation, Tegel Airport does offer a few advantages. Its small size compared to, say, Heathrow Airport in London or Charles de Gaulle Airport means minimal waiting times and makes it easy to get from point A to point B. And while dining options are a far cry from the luxurious sit-down options at many airports, there are plenty of spots to snag an affordable, reasonably wholesome bite before your flight.