Berlin Where to Veg Out
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Berlin Where to Veg Out

Though German cuisine tends to be heavy on the Fleisch, there are plenty of restaurants in town where vegetarians and vegans can indulge.

When most people think of German food, the first dishes that spring to mind are inevitably schnitzel, Schweinsbraten (roast pork shoulder), pork knuckles or bratwursts. Usually accompanied by mounds of sauerkraut and some form of potatoes, these calorically dense staples were once meant to provide sustenance to farmers toiling in the fields. While it’s true that traditional Teutonic cuisine relies heavily on carnivorous fare, modern-day Germans only feast on such hearty dishes on rare occasions.

Discover the other side of German food: go green!
Lucky Leek

A rare vegetarian restaurant to earn a nod of approval from the Michelin Guide, this refined spot in Prenzlauer-Berg was one of the first places to offer truly creative meatless cuisine in the city. Guests can choose from either a three or five-course set menu based around seasonal produce that might include dishes such as green asparagus-barley risotto with baked feta and pumpkin seed pesto, or avocado tartare with strawberry vinaigrette, mint samosa and wasabi mayonnaise.


Vegetarians, vegans, and even those adhering to a raw food diet will find something to eat at this healthful spot on Rosenthaler Platz. Even if you don’t have any significant dietary restrictions, the cold-pressed juices, smoothies, antioxidant-packed power shots, and vegan milk made out of Brazil nuts are all excellent ways of squeezing a few extra nutrients into your day. With its menu of grain bowls and salads, Daluma is understandably popular at lunchtime with techies working in Mitte’s booming startup scene.


Cookbook author Björn Moschinski, who previously ran the kitchen at the veg-friendly, defunct La Mano Verde, opened this inventive restaurant as an alternative to the earnest, but dull dishes that once characterised vegetarian food in Berlin. At only €19, the daily three-course menu is a steal and the brunch buffet offers a tasty, colourful spread on the weekends.

Shop Veganz That’s the name of the largest vegan grocery chain in Berlin. There are around 20 stores around the city.
4% vegan According to a vegetarian association, the city has an estimated 80,000 vegans – around 4% of Berlin’s population.