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Berlin Youngster Berlin

German new brunch, food trucks and coworking: locals in the German capital are a fickle bunch, forever on the hunt for the Next Big Thing.

As Germany’s largest and most dynamic city, Berlin is the place where international trends first catch on and take off. Lured by the promise of fast-paced urban life and relatively affordable rents, aspiring DJs, fashion designers, techies, writers, musicians, artists, and other creatives swarm to its neighbourhoods looking to find or start something new. Here’s what’s hot in the Hauptstadt right now.

Traditional German breakfasts, consisting of cold cuts, cheeses and breads, can be a somewhat stodgy affair unless well-executed. Fortunately, Berliners have latched onto a more cosmopolitan concept of brunch in recent years and it’s now possible to enjoy a far more innovative range of dishes on a lazy Sunday morning. One of the loveliest places to do so is Distrikt Coffee – a minimalist space decked out in exposed brick, wood, and iron that looks as though it were plucked from the pages of Kinfolk. This place would be worth a visit simply for the atmosphere and the coffee, which comes courtesy of The Barn roasters, but dishes like fluffy buttermilk pancakes smothered in house-made fruit compote and avocado on a thick slice of toasted sourdough really seal the deal.

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Food Trucks
Meals on wheels have taken Berlin by storm, as evidenced by trucks selling everything from made-to-order Käsespätzle to liquid nitrogen-frozen ice cream to Russian dumplings. The low overhead costs allow budding young chefs who might not have the capital to open a brick-and-mortar establishment the chance to flaunt their creativity. There are plenty of places around town to find these roving eateries, but one of the best is Bite Club, a seasonal block party often found parked by the S.S. Hoppetosse club in summer. With live DJs, plenty of drinks, and a lively vibe, it’s the perfect place to sample from a rotating cast of roughly a dozen trucks and food stalls.

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Coworking Spaces
Lured by the capital’s infectious energy and relatively affordable rents, digital nomads from all over the globe have chosen to make a home in the Hauptstadt. In order to accommodate them, Berlin boasts dozens of coworking spaces, which range from high-powered incubators for tech start-ups, to laid-back havens for brainstorming. With so many options available, competition is fierce and many coworking spaces offer enticing extras to help lure top talent. One of the most innovative is Agora Collective, which hosts regular speakers and farmer’s markets at its two locations. This hub goes out of its way to foster a real sense of community and serves sustainably grown food for lunch in its canteen.

The Barn roasters A leading Specialty Coffee Roastery in Europe – just look for their coffee in town and buy a pack as a souvenir: it’s worth it!
The new business capital Even though Berlin’s job market lags well behind Frankfurt’s, Munich’s or Hamburg’s, the city still brims with upwardly mobile workers in the tech and creative industries. The secret? A sizable percentage of the city works remotely.