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City Guides Copenhagen
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A global culinary destination that loves bio, locally grown food and life in the open air. To grasp this city, one would need to experience it from its inhabitants’ perspective: on two wheels. In the year 2025 Copenhagen will be the first capital in the world with zero emissions.

This ambitious goal best describes the spirit of this small Northern European metropolis: it’s the most bike-friendly city in the world. The feeling that everyone gets around on two wheels isn’t a myth and tourists are immediately taught to dodge bikes whizzing by in the street. The concept of a pedestrian centre was invented in 1962, and still today, despite ice or rain, locals and visitors alike love to walk along the Strøget – the extensive shopping street closed to traffic. Up until ten years ago, the city was always recognized around the world – bicycles aside – for the mermaid statue by Hans Christian Andersen and the Christiania hippie community. Today it’s a world culinary capital thanks to the New Nordic Cuisine and its highly-reputed restaurant, Noma – voted world’s best four times in recent years. With its herring fish, hotdogs and smørrebrød, the city has earned 18 Michelin stars, along with a local biological, vegan and vegetarian scene. Discover the best spots of the city with AVDM and the guidance from our city editor!

City Editors Jacob Termansen
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