Copenhagen 5 Special Tours in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen 5 Special Tours in Copenhagen

The best Guided tours through the city

There are plenty of ways to experience Copenhagen as a tourist. The on-your-own approach to exploring the city certainly can be charming. But you will miss out on some of the small things that make this city so special. For this reason, it’s helpful to let locals and experts show you around the less-obvious parts of town. These selected tours let you “dig for the truffles” of the city.

Cycling Copenhagen – The quintessential way to go

It’s no secret that Copenhagen is the best city in the world for cycling. Most first-timers are quite surprised by the top-level infrastructure that has been built for cyclists. It is by far the fastest and easiest way to get around the city, and gives you a different perspective, one you don’t get when traveling by car or on foot. In that regard, Copenhagen is very forward thinking.

There are a number of good guided bike tours in the city, but the one that really highlights Copenhagen’s modern side is the “Harbour Circle”. The harbour is definitely one area where the city has done (almost) everything right and makes for a great bike ride.

The path will lead you along the waterline, where you will see great modern architecture, dreamy houseboats, public pools and swimming areas and bright open living spaces along the coastline. Copenhagen will appear – even more than before – very liveable and lovable on this two and a half hour tour (13 km).

The route stretches from the famous Nyhavn in the north to the cute Sluseløbet in the south. Cycling Copenhagen, the operator of this tour, keeps the tours very cool and casual and rides only in smaller groups, providing a lot of personal time and opportunities to make a stop along the way. The bikes are top-notch and you will get a brief introduction to your bike and the rules of the bike lane.

Architecture tour – Instagram aesthetics

Danish Design and Danish Architecture are world-renowned and celebrated names like Arne Jacobsen or Kaare Klint will forever be eternal stars in design heaven. Danish functionality and clarity have become sought-after tropes in modern design. And the most important and impressive works can be found all over Copenhagen. Because there are so many, it is best to have a personal guided tour to show you the top-of-the-range examples. You will recognize most of the buildings and interiors from design magazines and coffee table books. On this tour, your private driver will pick you up from your hotel and give you four hours’ worth of intense insight with a chance to customize the itineraries of your tour. You’ll most likely visit buildings like the Skuespilhuset, the Opera House, the Black Diamond, the Arne Jacobsen designed SAS Radisson Hotel, churches like Bagsværd Kirke or Grundtvigs Kirke and the most exciting new urban developments Nordhavn, B&W Areaand the Ørestaden area. Keep your camera ready and your Instagram account open.

Bagsværd Kirke
Lousiana Museum Tour – Humlebæk & back

The best arts experience in Copenhagen is not actually in Copenhagen, but a mere 45-minute drive along the beautiful “Gold Coast”, in the tiny fishermen village of Humlebæk. The white building complex is located on a cliff near the sea, bathed in natural light and graced with the beautiful outdoors and nice views of the Swedish coastline. And of course, the interiors are loaded with Danish design classics. With a private car and a private art guide, the Louisiana Experience makes for a marvellous field trip. For decades now, it has housed one of the most exciting collections of modern art by the most prominent artists. The permanent exhibit is a thing of beauty, but also check out the current exhibitions.

Lousiana Museum
Vesterbro Food Walking Tour

Vesterbro, the former meatpacking district has become a bit of a hipster hangout. With a number of creative hubs, plenty of nice lunch places, cool bars and young designer shops, the area along the Sønder Boulevard and Halmtorvet flea market has a relaxing anything-goes-approach. Vesterbro has become home to a number of extraordinary restaurants. It has emerged as the epicentre of that fine dining trend, squeezing over 250 restaurants in rather tight quarters. Here, your options range from a Michelin-star fine cuisine restaurant to a great kebab shop next door. To experience this wide variety of culinary pleasures, take a guided culinary walking tour across the quarter. You will visit a number of hand-picked places, learn about their backgrounds and eat exceptional food. It is also a great way to learn about the culinary scene in Copenhagen in general and the paths Vesterbro has taken to become the foodie’s benchmark.

Værnedamsvej, Les Trois Cochons
The Scandinavian bazaar When strolling along Europe’s longest pedestrian street, Strøget, step inside ILLUM – the first and unmatchable department store since 1891. The staircase is a piece of art and the range of Scandinavian designers is huge.
A Strøget rooftop Make your way to the ILLUM rooftop and enjoy the view. Many dining options await you; from a lavish breakfast in the morning onto a glass of wine, steak or lobster, Italian pizza, pasta at Eataly, aperitif options and more.