Copenhagen Beer Bars and Bottle Shops
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Copenhagen Beer Bars and Bottle Shops

Copenhagen is not only Carlsberg and big brands. It’s breweries, beer bars, and bottle shops: a craft beer enthusiast’s haven.

Only a couple of years ago, Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia was a pretty mediocre place for a nice beer. The big breweries in the region had dominated even the little bars in bigger cities like Copenhagen. And the beer tasted like…, well, like anywhere else in the world. Thankfully, a lot has changed since then. Copenhagen has since seen a very steady growth in breweries, beer bars, and bottle shops. And soon every neighborhood had their own selection brewpubs. Now, beer lovers are appreciative of many the many places with unique brews and diverse tastes. Here is a selection of the best spots to get a delicious brew.

Mikkeller Bar

The story of Mikkeler is the archetype story of craft beer: two nerdy home brewers who started out small and went from hobby brewing in a small kitchen to national phenomenon, to an international brand. They are the definition of a successful micro-brewery with beer bars all over the world. Now on his own, the celebrity brewer Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, brews in different locations in Denmark and across Europe and now in the US and Asia.His original Mikkeller beer bar is still in the heart of Vesterbro – the Graceland for craft beer lovers, if you will. Here you find tap beer from (of course) Mikkeller and a fine, ever-changing selection of the best small breweries in beautifully designed, stylish surroundings. In addition, they offer cheeses, snacks and meat dishes to go with the beer. You can also shop from a specialized bottle shop within the bar. Mikkeller now also has a new beer bar in the Nørrebro area, called Mikkeller and Friends.


The Brus is the Valhalla for beer lovers, situated in a cool, huge old factory, and old iron foundry. This whole complex is the definite craft beer experience, complete with a modern brewery, a hip, well-designed bar, and experimental restaurant (helmed by Michelin star-decorated chef Christian Gadient) and, of course a beer bottle shop. Brus is the essence of the new Copenhagen, catering to the hip local crowds of Nørrebro and international beer enthusiasts. Take a seat among large wooden barrels, fermentation tanks and science-fiction-like brewing equipment. With up to two dozen craft beers on tap, they’ll always include a fascinating selection of international and lesser-known beers on their impressive menu. It’s a real treat awaiting visitors and will almost certainly give them a brand-new beer experience.


The Fermentoren is one of the most lovable bars in Copenhagen and found off the beaten track. This place seems like a cozy, neighborhood bar from a certain Hollywood movie, but it never fails to amaze with the extraordinary beer selection. The prices are reasonable and the decor is shabbier than hygge – something rare in Copenhagen.

But if you want to try new exciting beers from tap in a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere than this is the best place to be. Especially if the weather is good and you are able to claim a seat outside! And nothing beats the open-barbecue afternoons in which you can bring your own meat to along with the new microbrewery jewels.

Nørrebro Bryghus

The Nørrebro Bryghus gets everything right: the beer, the food, the atmosphere, the venue and they are now a CO2-neutral brewery. What an amazing accomplishment. The famous brew master Anders Kissmeyer oversees a rather small production of beers under his roof. But there are still at least 10 different and well-executed types of beer on tap each day. And chef Kissmeyer likes to experiment and come up with new ingredients, new flavours and color schemes every so often – great news for a true beer enthusiast. There is also enough room for excellent lunches and dinners, served to accompany the fine brew compositions on the first floor of this classic brick building from 1852. It’s all very loveable and you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Kihoskh (Bottle Shop)

If you are on the run, just want a bottle of great beer in your room or on a nice bench outside, there is no better bottle shop in Copenhagen, than Kikoskh. Every beer nerd comes here religiously to get their daily fix of the world’s best beer. They even have customers visiting from Sweden and Germany each weekend to get their week’s ration of fine-brew.

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