Copenhagen Best Events in Town: Copenhagen
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Michael Illum, Copenaghen

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Copenhagen Best Events in Town: Copenhagen

The Copenhagen art, fashion and festival scene is internationally recognised for its high cultural standards, and ability to attract major designers, artists and directors. The exhibition, event and festival organisers are used to keeping an eye on the upcoming cultural scene and always present a wealth of new and exciting artists from Denmark and abroad.

When spring is in bloom, crowded initiatives flourish all over the city as locals start to enjoy open air again after the long winter, buzzing from a place to another. There is always something new popping up, events to attend some organic street food, and the option to watch an unknown documentary or experience the magical mix between food and fashion.

Copenhagen is the place to be, and these the events you can’t miss.

Spring in Denmark The temperatures are mild during the day but chilly in the evening - bring a warm jacket.
Rain danger The climate is always rainy and windy. Warm, rainproof clothes are needed.