Copenhagen Two-Wheeled Souvenirs Made in Denmark
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Copenhagen Two-Wheeled Souvenirs Made in Denmark

The best souvenir from Copenhagen, you ask? A bicycle, of course! A trendy, design piece made in Denmark to officially become part of the cycling culture.

Copenhagen now has more bikes than cars, and even though the city has been designing road access for bikers for decades, they have an official bike-traffic-problem. It’s not so easy to ride in Copenhagen if you’re not used to all the cyclists, but it’s definitely easier to buy a proper bike to take home as a souvenir from Denmark. Only in Copenhagen can you find such a wide variety of local designers involved in the two-wheel industry.

The first cargo bike

Since the ’70s, the Christiania community have been transforming their neighbourhood (and beyond) into a car-free way of living. In 1884, they invented the three-wheel cargo bike with a big crate to transport shopping, kids or whatever. Christiania Bikes have been copied and exported all over the world because they are the most compatible to a family’s needs. You could buy a ready-made one or ask for a custom-designed bike. In Copenhagen, you can also find covers and accessories to use the bike all year round, even when it’s raining.

The stylish classic

What happens is if you are looking for a very stylish bike and you can’t find it? You create one. That’s what happened to the Dane Kenneth Bødiker and Swede Christian Linde, founders of Velorbis. Their motto is “ride with style” and it couldn’t fit better to this minimal design bike with very special details. They know how everyday riders need quality, reliability, comfort and smart solutions to carry whatever they need. To become part of the Copenhagen cycling culture you could start online with the “design your bike” configurator and choose what’s the best for you. Don’t want to buy a whole bike? There are the accessories like the cup holder, the rear bag carrier, baskets and crates.

The design-bike

Choosing between a piece of art and useful, private transportation has never been so easy thanks to Sögreni. These real design-bikes were created by Søren Sögreni, the Danish Designer of the Year in 2002, and are still displayed at the Louisiana Museum and other institutions worldwide. There is a special model design especially for the Danish museum of modern art and another one signed by Georg Jensen.

At Sögreni, they have three basic models: The Classic, The Young Shatterhand and The Old Shatterhand, in both male and female editions. When you have chosen your preferred model, you will be given options to choose your size, colour and 11 other options to customize it further to your exact liking. Be ready to wait in line and book your appointment in advance, because the waiting list is long and then it takes at least two months to receive your bike, delivered directly to your place. It’s worth the wait and they are not afraid of time, because the guarantee is 25 years long. If the bike is too much, you’ll fall in love with the Sögreni trademark accessories.