Copenhagen Bread Fever
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Copenhagen Bread Fever

A new generation of chefs are getting involved in bread-making and opening bakery-cafés, where people need to queue up to get in. Bread in Copenhagen is the new trendy affair and it’s getting exported all over the world. And the croissants are delicious too.

The baguette’s days are counted. In fact this applies to all white bread in general, in part due to Nordic gastronomy. One of the results of the new Nordic Cuisine on a global level is not only the enhancement of local ingredients and the fermentation, but a new way of baking and serving bread. Sourdough and super crispy crust, unrefined and whole meal flours, less assortment but much more quality: Nordic bakeries are popping up in New York, London and Frankfurt, and many come directly from Copenhagen.
The thriving local culinary scene does not only translate into gourmet restaurants, but into a new era of crowded bakery-cafés – with long queues outside, because they are worth it.

Andersen & Maillard

Wonderful croissants, outstanding bread, steaming coffee. This is chef Milton A. Abel’s paradise. Son of a jazz musician, with experience at the Noma and Amarse restaurants, he now owns his hub in a former bank in Nørrebro. It’s hard to advise what to order; the short answer is everything, although the almond croissants are amazing. The best, or among the best, in town.

Juno The Bakery

After four years at Noma, Nina Schiegelow & Emil Glaser opened this small bakery in Østerbro at the beginning of 2018. The shop is easy to spot; it’s the one with people queueing outside, all eager for their delicious and crispy, delightfully flavoured snurrer. Do you prefer a savoury breakfast? The egg and bacon brioche is outstanding.

Democratic Coffee

To find out what Danish pastries really are and where it all began, there’s Democratic Coffee. It has been open since 2014 and its success is sky-high. Whether sweet or savoury, everything is baked divinely; therefore, indulge in layers of fragrant puff pastry.

Lille Bakery

This bakery also serves dinner on Thursday evenings, a unique experience at long group tables. You book and pay in advance; the menu is unique and paired with exclusively local wines. Welcome to Copenhagen!


A special mention goes to Italian chef Christian Puglisi (the same from Relæ, Manfreds and Beast restaurants), among the first to open a bakery-restaurant. Still and always very popular.

The Scandinavian bazaar When strolling along Europe’s longest pedestrian street, Strøget, step inside ILLUM – the first and unmatchable department store since 1891. The staircase is a piece of art and the range of Scandinavian designers is huge.
A Strøget rooftop Make your way to the ILLUM rooftop and enjoy the view. Many dining options await you; from a lavish breakfast in the morning onto a glass of wine, steak or lobster, Italian pizza, pasta at Eataly, aperitif options and more.