Copenhagen Contemporary Museums
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Michael Illum, Copenaghen

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Copenhagen Contemporary Museums

Exclusive museums and art galleries which explore 20th and 21th century Danish and international art - and do so in a unique way.

What makes a visit to a museum unforgettable? Sometimes only one single painting, a sculpture that remains etched in our memory. Sometimes it’s no particular artist at the exhibition: it is the museum itself and the experience within its walls that become unique. In Northern Europe, this happens more frequently than elsewhere because the unforgiving climate makes indoor spaces a real meeting for locals to spend their spare time.

Families with children, young crowds, couples, senior citizens … museums are fantastic places to spend a few hours, by blending in among the crowd, having a relaxing time at the café or sunbathing in the garden. At the Louisiana Museum, Calder’s sculptures are swaying in the wind that blows from the Baltic Sea and visitors seem to be very familiar with the premises and enjoy its cosy atmosphere. At the newly opened Copenhagen Contemporary, inaugurated in Summer 2016, everybody is visiting for the very first time and moving around intrigued, searching for new works by emerging artists. At the Ordrupgaard, visitors stop outside, like in front of a painting, to observe the architecture of Zaha Hadid.

Museums are normally closed on Mondays.

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