Copenhagen Copenhagen for Night Owls
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Copenhagen Copenhagen for Night Owls

Do not despair, Copenhagen isn't going to bed as early as you think.

The year-round climate isn’t mild enough to stay outdoors, so you just have to dig a little deeper to find nightlife – especially at the darkest hour in the middle of the night.

Most restaurants close at midnight, and bars at two a.m., but there are a few addresses where you can eat, drink or dance until sunrise.

Across the city, you’ll find convenience stores like 7-Eleven which remain open 24 hours a day. But if you were to enjoy a night-time stroll down Pusher Street in the neighbourhood of Christiania, you’ll find the famous Sunshine Bakery – a must for late night snacks and munchies.

Night in Nyhavn

Nyhavn is the postcard-perfect area of Copenhagen, crowded with people snapping pictures as they wait to embark on a harbour cruise, or looking for an eatery with a view. It’s a lovely and romantic place to stroll in the evening, but to avoid touristic traps and inferior food, book a table at the contemporary Danish fine dining restaurant Geist – you’ll love it – or for something simpler, at Apollo bar in the Charlottenborg Palace.

The late-night bite

Copenhagen isn’t NYC. If you’re craving something to eat in the middle of the night, you might just go hungry if it wasn’t for Rio Bravo – they are open until five a.m. They serve a good burger, steak, some soups, fries – nothing complicated. Just be prepared to enter the venue’s Wild West theme where John Wayne is brought back to life.

Rio Bravo

The last bar to close

Cozy still serves long after the neighbouring bars close for the night. True to its name, the bar really is cozy, small and draws university students and grown-ups alike. Since the Seventies it’s the most popular venue for night owls in the Latin Quarter, and is in full-swing by the early morning.

The club with karaoke

Regardless of your musical taste, you’ll find a stage playing your favourite sound at Chateau Motel. It’s the only club where each floor is unique, with its own atmosphere, so you can choose to either relax while sipping a drink or dance all night. In total, four different experiences are on offer in this venue, ranging from a cocktail lounge, to an old-school bodega, an electronic main room and a karaoke room. Chateau Motel is located in the city centre with entrance (usually) free before midnight – just check online first.

Chateau Motel