Copenhagen Copenhagen Loves Veggies
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Copenhagen Copenhagen Loves Veggies

The right place to turn vegetarian, or to try new flavours in one the many meat-free restaurants in town.

If not the “greenest” city in Europe, then it’s certainly among the top of the crop. The city of Copenhagen is ripe with veggie offerings, steeped in organic and bio-dynamic produce – and innovative chefs willing to take green to the next level.

Talking about veggie food in Copenhagen means to start with the opening in the seventies of Cranks Green Kitchen, created originally in London by David Kanter in 1961. The small downtown restaurant was the only ever franchise abroad in the British owned franchise and the first all-out vegetarian in the city – and became hugely popular. And since those early beginnings Copenhagen has embraced vegans and vegetarians and there is a huge choice of restaurants to visit.


A far cry from back then, is a place like the swanky VeVe. Situated in an old warehouse in the venerable neighbourhood of Østerbro (East Bridge), this restaurant is run by the people behind the Michelin awarded Kiin Kiin that delights with a most original take on Thai food. VeVe offers original and creative vegetarian food in a large hall, dressed in the original stone-flooring and with white, linen-clad tables. A very seasonal menu takes advantage of the best there is to offer.

The name is a pun on the Danish word for Vegetarian World Kitchen, (vegetarisk verdenskøkken) which is to mean that the whole world is an inspiration here. VeVe offers an a la carte menu as well as a tasting menu with wine pairings (or a juice pairing).


Go Vegan! The Organic Lab is located on the busy Store Kongensgade downtown, and is a Vegan as well as Lactose and Gluten free restaurant. Besides a comfortable room dressed in colourful art, the small room, which offers seating for 20, offers a few vegan produced wines and Champagnes also. The brainchild of Mark Larzen, who after years of working in the food industry decided that he needed to go on a diet, and what better way to lose weight then to go vegan? The small restaurant has since gathered a large following, delighting in the delicious and original dishes on offer.


A garden-like restaurant focus on tasty veggies, that transports the guests into a sensation of a lush, green garden. Naturally, the greens and plants growing there are all used in the food. The dishes are centred around creations based on vegetables, but are in no way dogmatic, and you can surely appreciate a nice, grilled steak or a juicy piece of fish as well.

Torvehallernes ”Grød”

Torvehallerne is an incredibly popular food venue, located in the middle of the city, with more than 60 different stalls and purveyors of fresh produce, foods, condiments, cakes, prepared foods, wines and kitchen paraphernalia, all in a wonderful hodgepodge of inspiration and delight. A foodie’s heaven!

Grød means porridge, directly translated. But at Grød, a lively food stall in the sumptuous ‘Torvehallerne Food Market’, they serve many other wonderful concoctions such as various risotto dishes, chia based dishes and yoghurt based fare, too. But porridges in all kinds and flavours are the main trapping here. Grød is very popular, especially in the early mornings and around lunchtime. The food is prepared fresh, there is a toppings list and a special “compose it yourself” menu available too. All vegetarian, wholesome and healthy. And fun! The place is always filled with young people feasting on the many colourful dishes. There also outside seating available.

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