Copenhagen Danish Mindfulness
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Copenhagen Danish Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the new wellness. Serving your body well mends your mind, so step inside a Spa, and allow your body and soul the best treatments available - with a Nordic touch.

In between walks about town, before lunch on the canals or after too many “night before” cocktails, check out some of the many choices for pampering and restoring your body and mind the city has to offer.
In a side street by the lakes, the Ni´Mat Spa has a full range of treatments. Set in beautiful Asian inspired surroundings, a super sexy lounge area offers steam-rooms, Sauna’s, a big jacuzzi as well as selections of teas, Champagne, and a light menu as well. All to be enjoyed before, after or in-between massages and facials.The Ni´Mat Spa is part of theKong Arthur Hotel, and as a guest you can use these facilities without booking treatments. Outside bookings of any of their myriad of treatments will also give you access to use of the lounge area for as long as you like. The perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon. There is also a Ni’Mat Spa located inside the Hilton near the airport. A great place to land after a long flight!

In another hotel, The D’Angleterre — the Grande Dame of Copenhagen — you will find the luxurious and stunningly designed“Amazing Space”. Not to put too fine a point to this, but the name is apt! A Nordic style, cool oasis of Spa-indulgence, this place will re-vitalize even the mostwell-worn travellers with their aroma therapy, beauty-treatments and full range of high-tech, holistic and organic treatments.

Copenhagen is a city on the water, and to the north of the city, beaches and residential areas snake up along a beautiful and rugged coastline. A twenty-minute train ride will take you to what is likely the most comprehensive spa and wellness option on offer. Atthe Kurhotel Skodsborg, you can check in for special, personally-designed spa, exercise and healing programmes, but you can also just take a break from the city and book their «Luxury Fitness Day» – complete with full access to training facilities, or 50-minute spa treatments like«Body Glow”, “Classic Nordic Facial” or “Soft Aroma-massage”. Included in this day of self-pampering is also a Paleo-inspired lunch, along with soft drinks, teas and coffees.

Souvenir Consider shopping for a take-home gift from the specialorganic hair & skinproducts made in Denmark.
Badehoteller Around Denmark's coast you'll find traditional coastal spa hotels where quaint decor and old Danish charm meet modern wellness facilities.