Copenhagen Design Spots You Will Love
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Copenhagen Design Spots You Will Love

Does Scandi minimalism always end up looking the same? Not here. Check out these unique and unforgettable spots...which Instagram will like, too.

Copenhagen is the design capital of the world and it’s almost impossible to find a bar, a restaurant, an office or even a waiting room that’s not perfectly curated to every last detail. But the Scandi minimalism sometimes ends up looking the same from one place to the next (let’s be honest). Here a list of unique, weird venues with an unforgettable (and Instagram friendly) design you’ll love. Step into entire universes of blue, pink, or red… or one inhabited by thousands of chairs.

Into the deep blu

Imagine a bar totally painted in a confetti light blue colour. But it’s not a baby shower shop or a patisserie, it’s a pub. Mikkeller is one of the most famous breweries, and the Mikkeller and Friends in Nørrebro is the second venue after the first, successful, Vesterbro bar. It’s never empty, because people love it – partly because of the smart interior design and the different rooms, either opened or closed in order to maintain the intimate atmosphere.There are up to 40 different craft beers on tap, from the Mikkeller’s own production and many friend breweries. There is also a shop to buy bottled beer to go, or to stay, is up to you. If you are thinking about bringing some beer back some as a souvenir, consider that the founder, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, now exports his micro-brews to 40 different countries – maybe yours included.

The design museum

Designmuseum Danmark is Denmark’s largest museum for Danish and international design and a central exhibition forum for industrial design and applied arts in Scandinavia. Held in one of the finest rococo buildings, the former King Frederik’s Hospital, it displays everything from furniture to silver, ceramics, fashion, textiles and digital design. The extensive collections include arts and crafts and industrial design from all over the Western world, covering the period from the late Middle Ages to today. The permanent Danish chair exhibition is a must see. Stop at the lovely museum shop and the museum’s Café Klint.

Designmuseum Danmark
The Laundromat Cafè

Do you have to do the laundry? Don’t snort, it’s never been more exciting thanks to The Laundromat Cafè, where you’ll open the door to another dimension: a real American laundromat crossed with an American diner. They opened in 2004 in Nørrebro and now have other venues in town where you can do your laundry, eat, drink, read, socialize and work – or choose a beer from around 40 kinds, all served with a smile. The bookcases are stuffed with magazines, books and guide books… all in order by colour. It’s Denmark baby!

The two cafes in Østerbro and Frederiksberg have a play area for the children, so choose the Nørrebro one if you are “kid free”.

Laundromat Cafè
Royal with a twist

They have turned smørrebrød upside down and have taken inspiration from sushi, creating a combination of classic Danish dishes and Japanese cuisine: smushi. Portions are small to taste different recipes made with seasonal products, served on Royal Copenhagen porcelain and with George Jensen cutlery. To get there, take a walk through the gate into the courtyard between Royal Copenhagen and George Jensen, right in the city centre, and you’ll find a funky baroque universe, a fairytale atmosphere oozing pink and happiness. It’s fusion, but is also the best, most enjoyable way to preserve the genuine Danish culture of food and design, with a twist. Go for the three-smushi tasting menu (150 Danish Krown, around 20€). And make note: the kitchen closes at 5pm every day, except for Fridays and Saturdays at 6pm.