Copenhagen Geranium is all about fine dining
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Copenhagen Geranium is all about fine dining

Geranium in Copenhagen holds three stars in Michelin’s 2017 Nordic Guide and is a gourmet mecca, famous worldwide. Dining here is a night at the theatre…

Geranium in Copenhagen holds three stars in Michelin’s 2017 Nordic Guide and was alsoranked the 19th best restaurant in the world in 2017. This culinary gem is run by the world’s best chef in 2011Rasmus Kofoed, atriple winner of the gold, silver, and bronze medals– the winningest chef in the Bocuse D’Or competition ever.

Dining out at “Geranium” should be considered equal to a night at the theatre. It is the pinnacle of fine dining in Copenhagen these days.

It has all the atmosphere of a theatrical experience: the restaurant as a giant stage, the kitchen being the busy behind-the-scenes dressing rooms, the clatter and chatter from guests is the accompanying music, and, of course, the menu is the playbill of chef and owner Rasmus Kofoed.

In a very large, elegant, modern and rather sparse room, the seating is set at large tables, some surrounded by freestanding chairs, some in plush booths, and yet the room conveys a very intimate atmosphere none the less. The tables are so far apart, that even if the glitterati out for a night at the theatre wanted to eavesdrop, they couldn´t.

The carefully constructed menu plays out like first, second and third acts – or more – all depending on the night. The show will naturally vary, not only with the seasons, but in general, along with one wonderful staple of this restaurant: one of the last acts of the performance always takes place in the kitchen. That’s right, you are invited to dine, semi-privately, amid the creative outpouring of the outstanding ensemble that surrounds Rasmus Kofoed under the spotlight – the actor who plays such a vital part in so excellently bringing his epicurean visions to life.

The kitchen is sleek, white – all marble and functionality – and it seems almost impossible that you can create plated wonders in such an environment, but again, surprisingly, the space is endowed with both intimacy and familiarity. It is the hallmark of a great chef, having completely mastered such a sense of welcome and inclusion to guests, at the high level at which this restaurant operates.

The food at Geranium is an act of itself. A magic act. A mysterious, scientific and yet earthbound approach to produce, taste and experience. What brings it all together is a strain that runs through everything – a strain of respect, for not only the food and concept of dining, but for the guests.

The location
 Oddly, this temple to fine dining, is situated in the unlikeliest of places: on the 8th floor of the Danish National Stadium, “Parken”. The entrance is to the back of the giant sports arena, where in an unassuming corner, an elevator rises straight up into the welcoming lobby of the restaurant.
How to book The earliest you can book a table in the restaurant is 90 days in advance.