Copenhagen Go Hygge! Lazy Brunch in Copenhagen
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Copenhagen Go Hygge! Lazy Brunch in Copenhagen

Ready to experience an un-usual Danish brunch? Well, you should know that smørrebrød (literally spread bread, or open faced sandwich) is traditionally served at lunch-time in Copenhagen.

Invariably based on rye bread, smørrebrød can have an almost limitless number of different toppings, from Herring, to raw beef, seafood and egg — but that’s it; they are used to eating a cold, simple, never-changing lunch.

When the brunch idea spread all over the world from the US, the Danish combined their traditional food with international recipes to create an amazing mix-and-match of smoked fish, whole bread, omelette and Croque-Monsieur: a well-arranged combination. But that was the past century: since Copenhagen is one of the hippest cities in the world for food, the brunch scene has become a contemporary interpretation of global food trends – served upon Danish fine porcelains, of course. Avocado, paleo, sustainable, organic, French pastries and… smushi. Never heard of it? Let’s experience how mad and limitless the Danish chefs are!

Hygge is a Danish word to describe domestic laziness, with steaming cups and a fireplace. A relaxed lifestyle to enjoy the small pleasures of life!


Royal Copenhagen porcelain and George Jensen cutlery is well known all over the world, but don’t think of your grandmother’s elegant table. In the Royal Smushi Café the signature dish is authentic Danish open-faced smørrebrød, but the size of sushi to taste a variety of small dishes in one meal.

In the city centre as well, on the stunning rooftop of Illum department store, Palaeo restaurant serves up Primal Gastronomy – meaning the healthy, tasty Stone Age-style food without any processed carbohydrates, such as corn, sugar or unnecessary processing. On the other hand, what it does mean is that all the good, fresh raw materials are used: meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit and nuts — the building blocks of our culinary art.

The chefs’ scene is one of the hippest in world thanks to Noma and all its former guys, that spread all over the city and have led a revolution through gastronomy and the restaurant business. One of the best examples is the chef Christian Puglisi, owner and soul of the “universe” connected with the Michelin star restaurant Relae, winner of the Sustainable Restaurant Award 2016.One of his 5 locations is a must-try to understand the philosophy of New Nordic Cuisine and the Danish food movement.

Huge breakfast Danish breakfast is a whole meal, as usual in the Nordic countries. Consider it before reserving a table for lunch.
The right time In Denmark they eat early. Brunch usually is served at the week-end from 11 am to 3 pm.