Copenhagen A Copenhagen Christmas: It’s Hot!
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Copenhagen A Copenhagen Christmas: It’s Hot!

Warm up your Christmas by indulging in roasted chestnuts, sugary almonds, apples on a stick or a steaming glass of Gløgg. To fight back the cold and live the Nordic magic of the season.

Gløgg is a stalwart of Danish Christmas tradition. Not quite like Gluhwein, but very much its own concoction, it is brewed around town with tradition and pride… if you go to the right place. The right place would undoubtedly be Hviids Vinstue. At this, almost 300-year-old watering hole, situated across the square from the venerable Royal Theatre, and just where the busy walking-street Strøget opens up with its many temptations, they have made what is inarguably the best Gløgg in town since the mid-fifties.

The production of this special drink is begun back in the spring (!) by mixing red wine with Port wine and adding raisins and secret spices. After months of marinating, the raisins are removed and Cognac and Rum is added, now with fresh raisins and peeled almonds. This wonderful blend of taste and aroma will warm you right up, no matter the weather outside. The small cosy rooms always add to the atmosphere and is the reason that this little place is among the very favourites of the locals, especially around Christmas. They serve the season’s first glass of ‘Gløgg’ on November 11th. Come early and stay late!

Christmas Markets

These days the city is scarred and tortured by the massive construction of the new, super effective and all-encompassing Metro, subway system. But even though some of the city´s most busy squares and streets are upended, the resilience of this town shines through, and more so during the holidays. The Christmas markets will not be denied, and so, even at Kongens Nytorv, where “Hviids Viinstue” lies quietly hidden between construction walls, there will be a market, offering a mix of everything you can imagine. Meandering around the booths you will find a wonderful view also, of the fantastic and amazing Christmas decorations of the façade of the venerable D’Angleterre Hotel, an institution in the city for the Christmas holidays. A beautiful Christmas present to the city, the hotel every year pulls out all stops to create mind-blowing decorations of their huge, white building. A must see!

Walking down Strøget, you will find another market worth visiting. This one is a European-inspired market that mixes shopping for presents with foods and sweets. Located ideally on the picturesque Højbro Plads this market offers everything from German currywursts to French cheeses, Christmas ornaments, handicrafts and clothes. It opens this year on November 17th and closes a few days before Christmas on the 22nd.

Twinkling Tivoli

Finally, of course, there is the Tivoli Christmas Market. For the romantically inclined, for the inner child, for the children, there is nothing that spells Christmas more than taking a stroll in the historical garden during the holidays. If you cannot find the Christmas spirit here amongst all the twinkling lights, you won’t find it anywhere. Tivoli opens November 18th and closes December 22nd.

Roasted duck: a must try

Wandering the city will inevitably build up an appetite: what better time than this season to experience the traditional Danish Christmas menu of Roast Duck with all the trimmings. Restaurant Vita, another institution in the Copenhagen Christmas landscape, is a staunch protector of the Danish traditional foods, and all year round they serve up classic dishes with great enthusiasm. One nice feature of this decades-old restaurant is that the kitchen is open until three in the morning on weekdays and until five in the morning on weekends! And there is nothing like a plate of Roast duck or crisp Pork Rind at four in the morning during Christmastime in the city. Enjoy!

The Scandinavian bazaar When strolling along Europe’s longest pedestrian street, Strøget, step inside ILLUM – the first and unmatchable department store since 1891. The staircase is a piece of art and the range of Scandinavian designers is huge.
A Strøget rooftop Make your way to the ILLUM rooftop and enjoy the view. Many dining options await you; from a lavish breakfast in the morning onto a glass of wine, steak or lobster, Italian pizza, pasta at Eataly, aperitif options and more.