Copenhagen Port wine & vermouth: some like it sweet
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Copenhagen Port wine & vermouth: some like it sweet

The new trend in Copenhagen comes from Portugal, Italy and Spain and it's fortified wine. Enjoy a tasting or a vintage cocktail and have fun!

The new trend in Copenhagen comes from Portugal and Italy and it is sipped in exclusive specialty bars, where you can sample different labels and drink well but responsibly.

Traditional drinks in Denmark are Hyldeblomst saft, an elderflower flavoured cocktail, beer (øl in Danish, like Carlsberg, Tuborg or Ceres) and Akvavit. When winter comes, during the long hygge evenings by the fire, people sip the Gløgg, a hot punch made of red wine, brandy, sherry and spices – typically drank at Christmas, while in stylish bars, natural wines are preferred. But a new trend has been emerging for quite some time that brings back vintage wines, reminiscent of the old-fashioned atmospheres of our family homes.

Fortified wines such as the Portuguese Port, Spanish Jerez and Italian Vermouth, are making a global comeback, and Copenhagen, as it often happens in the cooking world, dictates the trend. Specialty bars open everywhere, where you can find passion, a wide range of labels and the opportunity to drink well and responsibly.


The port bar at the SP34 hotel is a temple of Portuguese port and was traditionally born from the visionary passion of one man. The CEO of this contemporary boutique hotel is a Port lover who decided to base the customer service around his philosophy. There is no reception desk with uniformed concierges, but bartenders who greet the guests, give them the room keys and invite them to the wine-hour, organized every evening in the lobby. For the aperitif and after dinner drinks, tourists join the locals and are offered the country’s largest selection of labels. The bar hosts exclusive wine tastings and its barmen exclusively mix Port into delicious drinks like the Portonics, Rosemary’s Baby and Sparkling rosé wine (a mix between rosé Port and rosé champagne). Sit at the counter and enjoy a “Port Wine for Dummies” lesson as well.


The first Sherry Bar opened its doors in 2010 in England and many other ones since then followed in its footsteps, like the Nyhavns Bodega – Bar Andaluz de Vino de Jerez – in Copenhagen. Not to be confused with the super sweet cherry liqueur, Jerez or Spanish Sherry is a fortified wine with a mature flavour, that perfectly lends itself to vertical tasting, from the more commercial and popular bottles to those directly imported from Andalusia and hard to find even in Spain.


Christian Puglisi is the starred chef of the Relae restaurant and the small universe of bars and restaurants he manages, like the Manfreds wine bar, Baest pizzeria, Mirabelle bakery and delicatessen and the organic farm that produces the raw ingredients for all his restaurants, Farm of Ideas. At Eataly, within the Illum department store, he devised a new concept, Rudo, a bistro and vermouth bar. In addition to an extensive list of fortified wines, vintage cocktails like the Barrel Aged Negroni, made with gin, vermouth and Campari, and Rudo Spritz with Vermouth and cider, are served daily.

Sherry Also called Jerez wine, it is a Spanish fortified wine, not to be confused with the Cherry Brandy, a sweet cherry based liqueur.
Vermouth Or vermouth, it is a flavoured fortified wine, typical of Turin and the French Savoie.