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Copenhagen Reserve at Geist

Challenge your senses (for both food and interior design) with a scheduled visit to Restaurant Geist: One of the city’s most eclectic and inspirational restaurants.

Perhaps because Copenhagen is the capital in a very small country, the power and drive of bigger cities like New York and London has always had an allure, something that was looked up to in the city businesses, where places are advertised as “New York Style” or “London Vibe” and “Paris this and that”. And yet, almost despite itself, Copenhagen has managed to step outside of this adolescent dream of becoming something it’s not, and has become something even better: an equal to the biggest and the best of them.

On any night of the week, you can stroll around town and leisurely drop inside a Michelin Star rated restaurant or chose from any of a wide array of fabulous restaurants and eateries. A fountain of original talent, of ambitious and adventurous young creatives in almost every field (especially advertising, fashion and food), have put their mark on the city and helped it rise from a mundane, slightly frozen city on the rim of the Baltic, to a high octane, fun-filled city of above average experiences, playfulness, and one very comfortable embracing its own, centuries-old culture.

The chef Bo Bech

Among the towering talents in the food world of Copenhagen is chef Bo Bech.

An old hand, a strange mix of celebrity chef and modest genius, Bo Bech has been an influence in the kitchens of the city since before he opened his first restaurant in 2004, Restaurant Paustian and has been relentlessly pursuing his very own eclectic and aesthetic brand of food ever since. Through stewardship of some of the city’s best restaurants and his own TV shows, Bo Bech has virtually become his own brand.

His truly original restaurant Geist should be on every visitor’s bucket list when in Copenhagen.

The restaurant, elegantly located on the sprawling square Kongens Nytorv, next to the French Embassy and across from The Royal Theatre, could be visited for its daring and powerful interior design alone, but once there, why not experience some of the most unusual, beautiful and surprising food on offer in Copenhagen these days.

Sit by the bar, or at one of the tables offering great views of the life outside through the floor to ceiling windows. Enjoy the professional service, the stylish atmosphere and above all, what could be on your plate: Scallops with Chicken Wings and Lobster Sauce or White Radish with Creamy Oysters anyone?

Geist is never what you expected, rarely what you imagined – but always, very, very good… If not excellent!

Meal for two
 Including wine and service, it’s around 180€.
Open everyday Open daily for lunch or dinner.