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Copenhagen See you at Victor!

Visit Copenhagen’s most famous brasserie – one of the best places in town to watch the rich and famous strut their stuff.

Since 1981, the place to come and see (and be seen) has been Cafe Victor, situated in the up-market part of downtown Copenhagen. From the start, it has been an artist’s watering hole replete with Sunday afternoon readings of poetry over coffee and Champagne and the air filled with heavy smoke from imported French cigarettes. Today, it remains un-changed, with its French style interior of tables with crisp, white table cloths and the classically dressed waiters in white shirts and black waistcoats. Cafe Victor has had an un-ending draw on the glitterati, the young, the hip and the well-to-do in this city.

Part of the curriculum for anyone who wants to rise above the tedium and make a name for themselves in the Queens Copenhagen, is to become part of the lore and history of Cafe Victor. Subsequently, those who do make it to the big time pay their dues, by loyally making weekend and late night appearances in the hallowed rooms, and mingle with the up-and-comers.

Cafe Victor lies snug on a corner, hidden by large canopies and sheltered from the busy tarmac by lush Boxwood bushes arranged in black planters along the sidewalk. There you can have coffee al fresco or lunch in the shade of the canopy in the company of the city´s high society.

Once inside the storied cafe, the room is divided into two, running right and left. To the left is the restaurant, that serves classic French brasserie style food, and to the right is the cafe, dominated by a long, beautiful zinc clad counter, where from 8:00 in the morning they serve classic breakfast, weekend brunches, great coffee, croissants and the morning paper, and later in the day, light lunches, simple, uncomplicated and good.

The restaurant has a wide and impressive wine-list and a well composed menu of classic brasserie dishes and a blend of Danish inspirations, with an eye to all the seasonal offerings. All is made from the very best produce and when the finer things in life are in demand, Caviar, Turbot, Poussin, Vintage Champagne and Lobster is always available to snack on.

On weekends – which in Copenhagen begins on Thursday evening – the restaurant and cafe merge into one big melting pot of young hipsters to old well-to-doers, all out on the town with one common goal; they´re looking for good time, and they always find it at Cafe Victor.

Opening hours Open every day from the morning. Thursday and Saturday till 2 am.
Plateau To be seen, order one of their well-known plateau de fruits de mer.