Copenhagen Tee-off in CPH
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Copenhagen Tee-off in CPH

Where to Go Golfing

So, you want to golf while you are in Copenhagen? Good choice.

Denmark may not be regarded as a classic golf destination, but it does have a growing reputation as several Danish golfers are making a splash in the international circuit. The sport is getting more popular each year and there are numerous plans for exciting new courses in addition to the great variety of courses already around. Thanks to the extraordinary landscapes the golf courses feel so unique in the Copenhagen area.

Royal Golf Club

The Royal Golf Club is the closest course from the city centre. And it is a relatively new one. The famous Sundberg Family founded the club in 2010. Golfers face a beautiful challenge on the 18-hole course laid out by Architect Ron Kirby. It is in a beautiful wetland and therefore provides a huge number of small water holes and many sand hazards. Quite frankly, it is a very tough course to play – meaning, it can be really satisfying to finish it if you have “one if those great days” and rather frustrating if you don’t. However, the landscape is unique and the club is very well maintained. And the proximity to the city makes it a very popular club. It is the ideal option if you are staying in the city and just want to play for a couple of hours.

Furesø Golfklub 

Furesø Golfklub is located in beautiful Birkerød, just 40km out of the city, to the wild north. This course was laid out as small course and was expanded each year, until in 1989 the finished version became a full frame 18-hole course. Nowadays and after a renovation carried out by Tom Mackenzie, Furesø is an entire park facility with a total of 27 holes and it has become one of the top-rated clubs in Scandinavia. Even the clubhouse seems to come right out of a Scandinavian fairy-tale book.

However, Furesø is a strict member club, were membership is restricted to local residents. And the waiting list gets longer and longer as it has become a true privilege to tee-off here.

Ledreborg Palace Golf Club

The marvellous land may belong to a true-life-dynasty, the Holstein-Ledreborg family, but the true founder of this course is Nick Faldo, arguably the best player of all time. He converted parts of the family estate into one of the more natural championship golf courses in Scandinavia. Indeed, much of the terrain remained untouched and somehow is still a five-star, 18-hole course with all the comfort a player could ask for. For Nick Faldo, this truly was a labour of love. And the heartfelt touch by one of the true sportsmen of the game make this club well worth the 45-minute drive from the Copenhagen city centre. Plus, you can combine your round with a visit to the wonderful and well-maintained Ledreborg Mansion, which holds a nice collection of Baroque paintings and furniture, and is home to a number of first-class concerts throughout the year.

The Scandinavian Golf Club

Three software millionaires decided to build the perfect course for the sport they love. And… they succeeded! The Scandinavian Golf Club has become the best golf facility in Northern Europe, hands down. This is no surprise, starting with the glorious clubhouse, which looks like a cathedral from the future, to the beautiful, luscious 36-hole complex that spreads across 500 acres, designed by Robert Trent Jones II. This is a golfer’s dream come true.

The “Old Course” is still everybody’s favourite because it is challenging and full of wonderful spots of relaxing calmness and elegant beauty. If you can play one course while you are in (Northern) Europe, let it be this course.

The Scandinavian bazaar When strolling along Europe’s longest pedestrian street, Strøget, step inside ILLUM – the first and unmatchable department store since 1891. The staircase is a piece of art and the range of Scandinavian designers is huge.
A Strøget rooftop Make your way to the ILLUM rooftop and enjoy the view. Many dining options await you; from a lavish breakfast in the morning onto a glass of wine, steak or lobster, Italian pizza, pasta at Eataly, aperitif options and more.