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Copenhagen The Copenhagen Sales Guide

Top locations to bargain-hunt

For some, Copenhagen is all about fine dining. For others, it’s about the beer. But most will recognize that Copenhagen is one of the best cities in the world for shopping. And this is especially true during the sale season – a huge event in the city. Prices are slashed (at least) twice a year, and people go crazy, scheduling days off work to get that one special item on sale. So, “salg” (Danish for sale) has become a buzzword on the streets on Copenhagen. Here are the best places to go on a serious spending spree.

Strøget – The Queen of Streets

This is Copenhagen’s top shopping mile. You can interpret ‘mile’ quite literally as this is one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets, lined with hundreds of shops, ranging from your usual chain-brands to the most exclusive and expensive flagship. Strøget runs from City Hall Square to Kongens Nytorv square, and if done thoroughly, your shopping spree here can take nearly half a day. You’ll find classic Danish design in the flagship stores Royal Copenhagen and Georg Jensen and modern alternatives at HAY and Trollbeads (jewellery). Top designers like Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Gucci and Hermès are also present here, alongside trendy Danish/Scandinavian brands like Mads Nørgaard, SAND and Birger Christensen. And of course, check out Illum located halfway down the Strøget – it’s the unofficial headquarters for Danish and Scandinavian fashion.

Strædet – The Strøget’s Sister Street

Running parallel to Strøget, the ‘little sister’ shopping street Strædet starts at Højbro Square and leads to Vester Voldgade. This pedestrian street filled with small shops has a much more intimate vibe, and is separated into two parts: Læderstræde and Kompagnistræde. But first things first: Get your caffeine kick! Kompa’ 9 is the best starting point on the street, serving Danish cuisine for breakfast and lunch. Nearby, check out the tiny Wauw shop and the loveable Liebe shop for ceramics and design objects. Both these creative stores have that uniquely Copenhagen feel to them. The same applies to the GunGun shop, set up by a collective of six artists and designers bringing together fashion items (new and vintage), art pieces and delicate ceramics. The Mant shop, a few meters further down, is always draws a cool crowd. They basically sell every interior design item that looks as cool in your apartment as it would in an Instagram photo. For a truly exclusive shopping experience, go to Wettergren og Wettergren, a wonderful basement shop in Læderstræde which sells one-of-a-kind jewellery, fine clothing and accessories as well as rare fragrances.

Larsbjørnssstræde – Vintage Deluxe

Larsbjørnssstræde is known to most as “Pisserenden”. The area is packed with cool shops, a young crowd and many vintage shops. Vintage items may cost a bit more than average on this street, but the quality is unparalleled and you can make some good bargains on top labels. The best shops are Project 4, Carmen Copenhagen, and above all, the FN92 shop, which sells the most amazing dresses and is also a good address for costume parties.

For a warm meal with international flair, the Atlas Bar comes highly recommended. It serves curious ingredients (and meat) from all over the world and has a nice vibe to it. For outdoor dining, try L’Education Nationale for some delicious French classics. Enjoy a few glasses of fine wine outside in the sun – you’ll practically feel like you’re sitting at a terrace in Nice!