Copenhagen The Danish Way of Parenting (and Visiting the City)
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Copenhagen The Danish Way of Parenting (and Visiting the City)

The Danish love children and huge families; you can see it in the streets, in the restaurants, everywhere and from any point of view.

In fact, the global, economic recession even had a bad influence on Denmark, where they had recorded a decline in birth rate for several years. For this reason, TV commercials and a ministerial campaign tried to raise the number of births again – and that they did. They succeeded, surprising even themselves, because since 2014 they have had quite a boom of newborns.

Another interesting statistic is that Denmark is the planet’s happiest nation, and it seems that

part of its secret has to do with their people’s upbringing and the kids’ behaviour. Raising kids like a Dane has become a goal for many parents, all over the word, according to the bestseller “The Danish Way of Parenting: What the Happiest People in the World Know About Raising Confident, Capable Kids”. Before leaving for Copenhagen, bring a copy of this book and plan some special visit to improve yourself at one of these addresses – for in a city for kids, it will be easier to start acting like a Danish parent.

Copenhagen is a kid’s haven (and if possible, even something better for their parents)

You will find reserved places on buses and trains for prams and pushchairs, children’s menus in restaurants,art museums at a child’s height, and of course, reductions at all attractions. Copenhagen’s crown jewel, Tivoli Gardens, is a true fairy-tale for kids as well as their mum and dad. Copenhagen has a state-of-the-art Zoo and a brand-new aquarium, The Blue Planet. The new Danish cuisine is super-healthy and you can shop for beautiful clothes and toys designed by local artists, for a useful and lasting souvenir to bring home, feeling more Danish than before!

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Østerbro district It is one of Copenhagen's most attractiveresidential areas, especially for families with kids - or dogs.