Copenhagen The House of Lego
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Copenhagen The House of Lego

Denmark's most renowned toy has had its own theme park since 1968. Now, it also boasts its own house: The Lego House, a new experience you have to try in Billund

Denmark’s top toy

It is safe to assume that almost every living Dane today has, at some point, played with the iconic Lego bricks – as have countless others around the world, young and old alike. The ingenious Lego toy concept appeals to every imaginative mind, regardless of age. Many parents could probably confess to finishing their child’s Lego project, deep into the night – because once you start, it’s simply that hard to put away.

Back to 1958

It all began in 1958, in a carpentry workshop inthe small western town of Billund. Ten years later, the popular LEGOLAND amusement park was established. Millions of families have, since, visited the venue’s fantastic universe where amazing displays of buildings, fantasy structures, and fun and funky machines are exhibited. In 2017, Lego launched another exciting experience: the much talked about Lego House.


The 12,000-square meter Lego House defines the Lego experience to visitors of all ages, and is home to no less than 25 million Lego bricks. Designed by the world-renowned Danish architect, Bjarke Ingels, of the successful architectural firm BIG, the building itself is worth seeing just from the outside. The iconic brand has been incorporated into the very fabric of the ingenious structure, and its design demonstrates the love and popularity the Lego brand commands.

The amazing structure is made up of 12 giant, colourful Lego bricks stacked upon one another. At the top, an even bigger brick – the Cornerstone – makes up the finishing touch of this iconic building. The interiors contain colour-coded labels corresponding to different keywords and levels of interaction.

Red, green, yellow zones

In the Red Zone, the keyword is creativity. Here, visitors play and interact with the brand. The Blue Zone pertains to stimulating cognitive abilities and the Green Zone promotes the development of social play. There are also great outdoor areas to relax in. This exciting, new Lego centre includes paid attractions as well as free areas open to the public, with the aim to create an immersive, creative experience for all those with a playful, imaginative mind.

How to get there

It is worthwhile taking a day-trip to Billund and the Lego attractions. From the capital, a short 50-minute flight on SAS airlines gets you there fast enough to enjoy a full day of fun in the amazing Lego world.

Lego offices in Billud
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