Copenhagen To the Gate: Eat at CPH Airport
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Copenhagen To the Gate: Eat at CPH Airport

Copenhagen Airport was voted world best in 2016 for food & beverage selection. Here's where to stop if you have time, or to grab something on the go.

Seasoned travelers have their preferences when it comes to airports, and Copenhagen Airport is at the top of their list in Europe. It is one of the fastest growing hubs and moves 40 million hungry passengers each year. The restaurants are a great source of pride, so much that in 2016 the airport won The FAB Award for best food and beverage selection in the world. Restaurants, cafés, gastronomic specialty boutiques – here are the best places to visit.


Grab delicious Smørrebrød, made with authentic ingredients, freshly prepared with local Danish products. The classic open rye bread sandwich, popular in Denmark and abroad, is the perfect choice for a quick snack at the airport. With classic herring, onion and dill; steak tartare; salmon and sour cream or even a vegan version with avocado. It also offers take-away food to be eaten on board.

Delicious by Nordic

The old and new Nordic cuisine in a well-stocked shop around the gates. Exclusive Danish, Swedish and Norwegian specialties from small producers and organic farms are sold, with all the real taste of the Nordic tradition. Perfect if you decide to return home with salmon, caviar, herring and cheeses. Among the preserves, in addition to jams, there are sweet and extra spicy mustards to accompany cheeses and hotdogs. You can also choose between cakes, beers and sandwiches to take on board. Gift sets in different sizes can also be booked in advance and then collected.

Lakrids by Johan Bülow

A licorice boutique to buy one last souvenir. Johan Bulow founded this brand in 2007 with the unique mission to produce the best licorice in the world: easy, isn’t it? Made in Denmark with several shops in the country, New York and London.

Try what the sale assistant behind the counter offers you, and it’s unforgettable: these products will grasp your attention forever, they are all delicious, both in classic and limited edition flavours. Try the chocolate, licorice and raspberry ones – a dream.


Hot soups for when you need comfort food after a long day in the Nordic cold, hamburgers, salads and smørrebrød. Junk food meets health food in this self-service restaurant that every airport should have. You can order and eat while watching the planes take off on the runaway or grab something quick, including super healthy fruit or vegetable salads. It opens early and closes late – a safe haven.

Caviar House & Prunier

The only restaurant in the world that produces, serves and sells caviar and smoked salmon. Promoted by Harrod’s to large airports, the Seafood Bar is a suitable corner for both a quick snack and a long wait before your flight. Sandwiches are filled with smoked, marinated salmon in tartar sauce or with hard-boiled eggs and caviar, duck foie gras and king crabs. You can also order a selection of their best products, oysters and champagne.