Copenhagen Vintage Shopping at the Antique Market
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Copenhagen Vintage Shopping at the Antique Market

Danish people go crazy for the flea markets and Copenhagen is the capital of the vintage shopping. Be ready to comb through mountains of stuff at the Thorvaldsen Market to find some gems!

There are several flea markets around Copenhagen, where you find a good bargain, mostly in spring and summer, but also in the colder months at some indoor markets. The markets are full of vintage jewellery, furniture, old vinyl records, antiques, knick-knacks and clothes.
There used to be a street in the Nørrebro (North Bridge) district lined with antique and junk shops called Ravnsborg Gade. With ground floor shops and basement haunts, the street was awash with dealers. Here you could find anything from high-end furniture, collectibles of any kind to useful bric-a-brac. A few shops remain, but city development and rising rent for commercial spaces has long since driven the majority of these industrious barkers, and experts in our past, deeper into the outer boroughs. Consequently, you now have to travel to find the good shops, spread out sporadically throughout the city.

A selection of everything: from antiques, curiosities, paintings, porcelain and silverware to modern Danish design pieces.

Considering its past, a weekly market is much welcomed by the people of this city, who love to rummage around old stuff looking for ‘just that thing’. One such market presents some of the foremost purveyors of good antiques and collectibles. Throughout the summer on weekends, standing in a windblown corner behind the Parliament and seemingly protected by the powerful architecture of Thorvaldsen’s Museum, you’ll find a choice bunch of dealers presenting their wares. There is a good selection of everything from antiques, curiosities, paintings, porcelain and silverware to modern Danish design pieces in this beautiful, splendid square, surrounded by some of the most impressive views of the old city. It is a market sought after by professionals and lovers of antiquing and collectors all around.

One of the major markets in the city centre is Thorvaldsens Plads Antique Market. But if you are into vintage findings and curios, the markets at City Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen), Israels Plads and Halmtorvet will surely satisfy your curiosity too. Each year, a series of very charming and local summer markets take place in some of the most cosy and popular streets of Copenhagen. These include the market in Jægersborggade and in Ravnsborggade.

Thorvaldsen Antique Market The market is open every Friday and Saturday as well as on the first Sunday of every month. It opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 3 p.m.
Stop here to rest There is a funky water feature on the square, where in the summer you can cool your feet and get some sun, as well as the expansive views up along the canals and the remnants of the old harbour.