Copenhagen Wearing the Scandi Style: Democratic Luxury
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Copenhagen Wearing the Scandi Style: Democratic Luxury

Soft scarves, hats with pompoms, minimal clothing and accessories to underline values like simplicity and sustainability.

Scandinavian design is recognized worldwide, through the big names that made the history of minimalism and mass produced, bringing it into the homes of millions of people. But Scandinavian design is not just top-notch furnishings, it also includes the ideal Scandi clothing and accessories to face cold winters… all whilst looking smart from head to toe.

To make your look perfect, here are nine Danish and three Swedish designers to follow.

OLE Lynggaard Copenhagen

The designer duo of Charlotte & Ole Lynggaard have been creating jewellery since 1963 and have involved the whole family in their project. The upcoming Lotus Collection by Charlotte Lynggaard is still a work in progress, but here’s a preview.

Georg Jensen

Having begun during the Art Nouveau years, this Copenhagen brand has got a century’s worth of timeless designs behind it. Like The Love Knot, the collection in which the knot theme symbolizes the infinite and indissoluble love… This might top the engagement ring with the “usual” stone!

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Marlene Juhl Jørgensen

A designer from Copenhagen who has opened her first jewellery boutique. Working with yellow gold, white gold, silver, sometimes with and without diamonds, she creates discrete jewellery – each piece holding its own unique value. Chosen as “Jewellery Brand of the Year” at the Elle Style Awards 2016.

Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur

Ethical mink, fox and Finnish raccoons, farmed in full respect of animal welfare. In addition to coats, it produces fur collars, bags and accessories like the furry keychain.


A Danish accessory company since 2003, Huttelihut sells warm children’s sweaters, and naturally-coloured comfortable clothes to move around in. Check out the hats with one (or two) giant pompoms.

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Mads Nørgaard

Fashion that never goes out of style: that is the objective of Danish designer Mads Nørgaard. Modern style, comfort, solid colour or graphic patterns. The collection dedicated to bi-coloured stripes is a contemporary classic.

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Samsøe & Samsøe

Samsøe & Samsøe was founded by two brothers in the Latin quarter of Copenhagen in 1993 and now has its headquarters in an old industrial building in the heart of Nørrebro, the coolest neighbourhood in the city. Simplicity, sustainability and quality: the brand inspires a democratic luxury of minimal clothing in materials like silk, suede and cashmere.

M.P Strømper

Danish brand for tights, socks, hats and gloves. The ribbed knit tights collection is beautiful and ideal for challenging the winter, but there are also trendy socks to wear with sandals and anti-slip socks for the home.

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Elise Gug

Made in Copenhagen, the young designer has chosen her motto to be “everyday simplicity” and interprets it with clothes suitable for all ages and all shapes. Her source of inspiration are women like Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly – thus, nothing innovative but truly timeless elegance.

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The hipster backpack par excellence… or rather, today’s urban style. It’s an absolutely trendy Swedish brand, perfect for tackling the urban jungle and the Nordic wilderness. In addition to natural fabrics, the new line in black leather also suits the city businessman.

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Filippa K

Clothing created in accordance with the “Conscious Minimalism” philosophy, designed in Sweden and sold throughout Northern Europe. Garments and accessories have a solid, rigorous style, like the Shelby bag: a soft leather bucket tote to be worn across the body as a shoulder bag or carried as a hand bag.

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Acne Studios

From Stockholm, a brand of casual wear with unmistakable, original lines and only for those who like to be noticed. The garments are like architectural elements and the wearer becomes a work of art. In totally natural, neutral or pastel colours.

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