Copenhagen What’s New for Tivoli’s 175th Anniversary
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Copenhagen What’s New for Tivoli’s 175th Anniversary

Tivoli park is celebrating its 175th birthday with exciting news: a celebratory craft beer for toasting, new restaurants, a dessert extravaganza and an extended season – the fun will last all year long!

Tivoli Food Hall

Tivoli Corner and Food Hall is a significant addition to Tivoli’s food scenes, offering quality food stalls for meals and drinks in an informal setting. The focus is on Danish organic food, Nordic ingredients or international fast food with a local twist. A couple additions? There’s Icelandic Glò for vegetarian lovers and the whole grain bread from Brødflov bakery. The good news: Tivoli Food Hall is open all year round with free entry.

Tivoli Food Hall
Craft Tivoli beer

When it comes to celebrating in France, you’ll undoubtedly find Champagne to toast. But in Denmark, you are likely to find a brew, so a special edition of craft beer has been made for Tivoli’s 2018 anniversary, inspired by the beloved sparkling French wine. Cuvée Carstensen is brewed with verjuice, which consists of juice of immature grapes, yuzu fruit, fig and mutton. And that’s just the new addition for the Tivoli Special Series of beer found in the park; Look for the other craft beers throughout the Nordic Region and on the international market.

Friday is Fredagsrock!

If you notice music infusing the streets of Copenhagen it’s because it’s Friday. Nay, it’s Fredagsrock! Every Friday during the summer season at Tivoli rock music plays loud. It could be the best event of the week to join, or the worst evening ever when strolling in the park. But, if you are a music fan, make note: Monday is dedicated to folk or world music, Tuesday is for evergreen and Danish classics and Wednesday is Jazz. If you like to dance, Sunday is swing time! Check the programme online before scheduling your visit.

Sushi at the Japanese Tower

What’s better than having great sushi in a pagoda? No problem in the brand-new restaurant at Tivoli park, when every dream becomes true. The sushi chain Letz Sushi (with at least 15 branches throughout Denmark) is now running the Taarn, in the Chinese Tower. This is one of the most recognized buildings in Tivoli but even if it has been called the “Chinese Tower” since 2010, it’s actually a “Japanske taarn” designed byarchitect Knud Arne Petersen in 1900. They took over the Michelin-starred chef Henrik Yde’s Kiin Kiin Piin Two, which lasted only a few months after the opening in 2017.

Cakes and champagne

Cakenhagenis a new venue at Nimb Hotel and serves cakes and champagne (and coffee if you like). Fine French patisserie, classic Danish cakes and savoury bites signed by the pastry chef Torben Bangare worth the visit. Got a sweet tooth? You should order the Cake-extravaganza menu with almost every sugary irresistible treat – this way, you won’t have to choose between macarons, pancakes and petit fours. Every week-end you can have everything you wish as much as you like for 295 DKK.

Winter in Tivoli

The first quarter of the year has been reserved for maintenance, new-builds and staff vacations for almost two centuries until 2018, when Winter in Tivoli became a reality in its 175th year. During the winter months, Tivoli is now opening about half its regular area and is joining forces with Copenhagen’s CPH Light Festival to display many light installations – some of which may only be seen during this season. The focal point is the new ice skating rink in front of the Nimb Hotel, the igloo with indoor fun and games for families. Tivoli’s 103-year-old wooden rollercoaster and several other rides will be open throughout the period as well.