Copenhagen Following a City of Change
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Copenhagen Following a City of Change

This is the age of Instagram! Here are a few profiles to follow on your next visit to Copenhagen; they are helpful and informative, and will reveal a few surprises you may otherwise have overlooked.

Copenhagen is a city that loves change. Not only is the cityscape constantly growing and developing, but its cultural, arts and entertainment scene is an evolving organism, which keeps up with the times and enriches its citizens.

Then there’s the culinary scene which is almost impossible to keep up with. New exiting places open on an almost weekly basis. Restaurants, bars, clubs, small eateries, coffee shops… there is always something new and exciting to explore in this city.

One way to stay abreast with everything going on in the city – apart from this site! – is to turn to Instagram. A few solid, well informed and inspirational accounts will guide visitors to the latest, cool cocktail bar, a cutting-edge Nordic eatery or a hidden, local breakfast place. Other pages showcase beautiful images of the city, which can inspire you to walk around town and experience the sights in person. Finally, the city has a very comprehensive tourism board and through their Instagram pages which keep you updated on activities in the city on any given week.

As travellers, we should embrace these sites which connect us to where we are and bring us closer to the people around us. It is all just a few, easy clicks away. Here are some of the recommended pages to follow while visiting Copenhagen.


It’s a cool and fun page. The name contains a play on the word ‘mad’ which means food. This page promotes all things food in the city and its suburbs, with great meal and snack suggestions.


A lovely page celebrating its love for the city through beautiful images which will inspire visitors to go have a look for themselves and take a selfie.


The account is run by the city’s official tourist services and is a great page to stay updated on what is going on in the city.

@ illumcph

#illumcph is a great page for all your shopping needs. It will give you a boost of inspiration before visiting the imposing and venerable luxury department store, where you will be hard pressed not to find a cool souvenir.

@ cocktailsofcopenhagen

The Instagram account the blog: a complete and up-to-date guide to the best cocktail bars in town. Awarded by Saveur Magazine in the Blog Awards 2017 chart.