Hamburg Café Paris: a French Sunday in Hamburg
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Nataya Alsterhaus, Hamburg

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Hamburg Café Paris: a French Sunday in Hamburg

Just a few steps away from the City Town Hall (Rathaus) and the Alster, there is a little Art Nouveau treasure. It’s a true classic and just the right spot to spend the first few hours of your day, enjoying a superb breakfast or brunch.

Even if they did not serve breakfast/brunch, which is arguably the best in the city, this building would be well worth a visit. The grand hall (built in 1882 as a slaughterhouse) with its tiled ceiling is nothing short of spectacular. The huge bar counter, the old mirrors and the dark wood do not fail to impress, even the more frequent visitor.

As soon as you enter through the old swinging doors, you will recognize its truly authentic style and atmosphere. Even the waiters have sport the right amount of French accent and snobbish attitude: “Bienvenue à Paris!”. What an adorable delight!

In addition to the French staff, great coffee is accompanied by a selection of international newspapers. So, why not get comfortable and lose track of time and place? First, grab a seat with a view. This buzzing place is great for people-watching. Made with a machine as big as a small car, their coffee (Haiti) and coffee variations are truly incredible. And if you are more of a Tea person, it’s also the right place: The Café Paris offers a wide variety of Mariage Frères tea.

You can’t really go wrong with the food & beverages in this fine establishment. And you are welcome to stay as long as you like.

Time to exhale now and study the Breakfast menu. You have your classics, like Croque Monsieur/Madame, French Toast or hot Baguette and Croissant dishes. If you want to stay in shape though, perhaps check out the other side of the menu: Fruit salad, Müsli and Yoghurt. All good. All fresh. But if you are all for Indulgence, you’ll notice the little drawing of fresh Oysters (listed as “Austern” in the English menu) right away and contemplate the right drink to go with a fresh dozen. The answer is, as often in life: Champagne. You are in the right place for this combination. The Champagne and wine listings are supreme.

The international-themed Breakfast Combos are also a good choice: The French, American, Moroccan, Italian or even The Vegetarian. But as there is a good chance, that you have already fallen in love with this city, so go with The Hamburg: Scrambled eggs with Herring, shrimp salad and salmon. You can almost smell the Sea from here, so don’t be afraid to go the ‘fishy’ route. It is as fresh as everything on the menu. The bread is fantastic, the Croissants are exceptional and the delicious jam is homemade.

In the evening, Café Paris becomes a bit more upscale with all the French classic dishes that never fail to impress. On weekend nights and special occasions, they also open the dining room upstairs, rightfully named Belle Etage. Here you can sit more comfortably and quietly, in a cosy room right from an Art Noveau dream… But that is another story.

On weekends
 Breakfast is served up until 4 p.m. And maybe you want to stay here until it is time for an Apéritif or for dinner.
Atelier An expansion of the Café Paris that used to be a traditional Hanseatic tobacco shop.The Kantine has French cuisine and a good selection of wines.