Hamburg Eat a Hamburger in Hamburg
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Hamburg Eat a Hamburger in Hamburg

The hamburger is now international, we know... but it’s still yummy. Here are the best places to enjoy a juicy hamburger in town.

Although we tend to associate the hamburger with American lifestyle, this meat sandwich originated in Hamburg, to which it owes its name (just as the frankfurter and wiener, named after their respective home cities). In the late 1800’s, dishes like Frikandelle and Rundstück were very popular in Hamburg, both made with ground meat served on a slice of bread. These were simple meals served to the emigrants sailing from the Hamburg harbour to America. Today, Frikandelle has almost disappeared, but you can find amazing German versions of the most famous American sandwich.

Dulf's Burger

This is a culinary sensation. Last year, Dulf moved to the hip Karoviertel quarter and has been fully booked ever since – with people standing in line to get their hands on one of these super burgers. You can fully customize your burger, choosing your toppings and the type of (homemade) bread. Try the classic Farmer’s Burger or the three-layer Kreatur sandwich, and don’t forget to order a side of fries with a selection of sauces. Everyone loves it and so will you.

The Bird Burger

The Bird is a small chain-restaurant imported from Berlin, but some say that it has found its true home here in the St Pauli neighbourhood. The burgers here are phenomenal and so are the portions – you’d better come with an appetite. Between 6pm and 8pm, the Angry Hour Special offers 2-for-1 beers and shots, and Napalm wings for 25 cents. Tim, the American-born owner, tells it like it is in his menu: “This burger contains enough fat to kill a donkey”. The meat is freshly ground daily from German beef, and the flavour is irresistible, just don’t order it well done. Cash only.

Brooklyn Burger Bar

In this former pharmacy is one of the city’s best burger bars. The owners got the inspiration to open a burger shop one night on the Williamsburg Bridge – between Brooklyn and Manhattan. There are burgers here for every taste and a selection of top burgers of the month. In addition, the desserts are delicious and the drinks are awesome – all homemade. The decor is rather rustic and cozy with a large, bright bar. Plus, the burgers are perfect!

Beisser Steak & Grill

Burger aficionados swear that this is the best Burger (and steak) in the city. Located on the top floor of the Alsterhaus, this venue closes at 8pm, so you’d better hurry. Beisser is considered the best butcher in Hamburg. The best meat is ground fresh for your burger and given a nice (and secret) seasoning. Great fries are served with the juicy and almost healthy-looking dish. When in doubt, go for the best!

The showcase of trends When Alsterhaus opened in 1897, women fell in love with the fashionable hats and parasols from across the border in France, as well as the selection of food and products imported from the far East. Nothing has changed for more than a century, and Alsterhaus is still a reference point for what’s hot in town... and all over the world.
Hanseatic modernity The atrium of the Alsterhaus at the ground floor has been completely renovated by designer Sebastian Herkner. The Luxury Hall hosts international brands in a neoclassical structure with a contemporary maritime ambience.