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Hamburg Follow #Hamburg

The best Instagram accounts to follow when planning a visit (to get to know the real Hamburg).

These Instagram accounts will make you want to travel here immediately! Take some inspiration for your (next) trip to Hamburg. Or just scroll through gorgeous pictures of this very instagrammable city.

#hamburgcityguide ⠀⠀

#With love: Hamburg Guru

With less than 10k followers, this blog is a hidden treasure. The photos are very artistic and sometimes rather unusual. There is a lot of love in the photos and the selection of spots. And every so often you will find interesting suggestions and a heads-up for events around the city. A very trustworthy and enjoyable account.

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#With Fries: Hamburg Food Guide

Nobody knows why the modern urban etiquette tells you “Don’t take photos of your food!”; Food pictures are a great idea. Better than any menu, they can reveal exactly what your plate will look like and how it will be composed. And the question will be: “Do you want that?”. Here, most of the time the answer will be, “Yes, please!”. The pictures feature the name and Instagram account of the restaurants – most of them being lesser-known, true finds.

#With Style: Hamburg Style

This a typical Lifestyle Blog based in Hamburg. Beautiful people in this very beautiful city. This is a highly lovable Instagram classic which will make your selection of your go-to-spots so much easier. You will want to put the little heart next to all the photos and next to the actual sights as well. If you tag (#hhstyle) your own photos you may become part of this Instagram account.

#With postproduction: Geheimtipp Hamburg

This account features a lot of very artistic pictures of Hamburg’s Best-of-sights and lesser known (secret) spots. Most of those pictures are breath-taking and it is safe to assume that a lot of post-production went into them. Once you arrive here, you’ll want to seek out these spots for your own photo. The best thing about it: These places exist and they are breath-taking in real life as well. Promise.

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#With class: Auxvillesdumonde

The best-of-Hamburg (and the other eight capitals of the word) is always featured on this account, which will bring to you the best addresses to shop or go out and places to visit. The best rooftop in Bangkok? You could discover a hidden one in Hamburg, too!

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#With pleasure: Mit Vergnügen Hamburg

With just under 20k followers, this account is somewhat of a dark horse amongst Hamburg blogs. Here, you will find a variety of no-frill photos – shots of sights, food and people from Hamburg. Accompanied with individual tips for lesser-known spots, this is a nice alternative source of information and inspiration for the adventurous types.