Hamburg Foodie Guide to the Hamburg Airport
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Hamburg Foodie Guide to the Hamburg Airport

The Hamburg Airport is small, but offers a wide selection of eateries, from a super-healthy, vegan meal to a proper supermarket.

Okay, first things first: The Hamburg Airport is somewhat of a disappointment. It is rather small, a bit uninspiring and if you are waiting for your checked luggage you need to have the patience of a monk. But then again, it is clean, there are no long lines and you can reach every spot within minutes – it is what it is. The same rings true for the Hamburg Airport gastronomy.

Before Departure/ the Security Checkpoint.

In Terminal 2 (on the left) there is a combination of a Moevenpick and a Marché Restaurant on the upper level (Level 3), under the roof. Fortunately, the Marché Restaurant offers some nice, fresh dishes of better quality. There is a salad bar, some “home-made” pasta, and the usual fresh baguettes. What makes it nice (and loud) is the playground area for younger kids and the outside viewing platform for all the older kids who like to witness the landings and take-offs.

In Terminal 1 the options are not that great. There is an American fast-food chain (the one with the golden arches) and Puro Gusto, an Italian coffee bar chain. Good thing that you can reach Terminal 2 within five minutes.

If you are vegan or just happen to eat more consciously, you should try the marché for a salad or you make your way down to the arrival level (Level 0) in Terminal 1. There you will find Scoom! – a small vendor with a variety of healthy, vitamin-laden nutrition and seller of good conscience!

After the Security Checkpoint.

After you survived the madness of the Security Check and are fully clothed again, here are your better options in the Gate Area.

Of course, there is no shortage of the usual airport bistros, with the interchangeable offerings of sandwiches, pretzels or “fresh” salads: all neatly wrapped in lots of plastic foil. If you like fish and seafood and are not afraid to have it right before a flight, you should head to GOSCH Sylt, on the left-hand side after the duty-free area. It is a franchise but the quality is very good, which is pivotal if you are talking seafood. Here you will find oysters, lobster, shrimp, or salmon, accompanied by a glass from the pretty good wine list. This is also a good place to just have a beverage or two. The quality of the wine, the beer or champagne is above average.

Still, in the fish segment, you will find a very small sushi joint nearby: Sashimi Sushi (to your right, (Gate C15/C16). Of course, it is also a franchise, so do not expect anything out of the ordinary. But the quality and the freshness level is solid. They also offer take-away boxes for those who despise the airline dining experience. And who doesn’t, really?

If you are looking for the best coffee and the freshest sandwiches, you should head right. At the far end, you will find a small kiosk, CUCCIS (between Gates D01 – D05). They offer organic coffee specialities – another one to ease your conscience.

Upon Arrival.

When you are finally able to pick up your checked luggage (you should think about optimizing your cabin luggage game when travelling to Hamburg), you may need some yoga and some food on-the-go. In the arrival area, there is a Starbucks and another small sushi bar (Terminal 2) and the aforementioned vegan place Scoom! (Terminal 1). But the main attraction here is a fine supermarket EDEKA (airport plaza, between Terminal 1 and 2) which offers everything you need on your first few hours: An excellent selection of wine, beer and all sorts of (fresh) food. This comes in handy if you arrive late, as most supermarkets in the city close at about 8 p.m.