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Hamburg Good Bites on the Go

Hamburg has a lot of great restaurants and cafes. But if you don’t feel like making reservations or waiting in a line, we’ve got some options for you. Check out these spots that are full of flavour and perfect when you are on the go!

On the edge of the nice indie-shopping-quarter Karoviertel, beneath the television tower and just a few steps from the beautiful gardens of Planten & Blomen, you will find XeÔm. Serving up authentic Vietnamese street cuisine to a young and hip crowd, it has been a hot spot for a couple of years now.

XeÔm is a classic street kitchen, where guests can grab one of their bright blue plastic chairs and find chopsticks and sauces ready on the tables. The staff is super-friendly and relaxed. They offer a lot of classic dishes, like glass noodle salads, Phở and the best-of-Hanoi appetizers. Also, try the homemade lemonades, iced green tea or a Vietnamese coffee – you can’t really go wrong here. Their service is very quick, so you’ll be in and out – a plus if you really are on the go.

One nice extra is the sun, which shines from spring to autumn on the outdoor tables from noon until 15:00. Its brightness reflects off the mighty windows of the exhibition hall in the evening, so you may want to keep your nice sunglasses out while you enjoy your meal. Try the Phở – it’s the best in town.


If you are cruising through the harbour along the river, you should drop by Hamburg’s best place for Fischbrötchen (fish sandwiches). The Brücke 10 is beautifully located on the furthest end of the Landungsbrücken pontoon, just a few steps away from the water. They have the best sandwich buns and the freshest fish – everybody in Hamburg knows it. A lot of locals come by to grab a bite here. Even crew members from the harbour boats sometimes hop off onto the pontoon just to get a quick lunch (and a beer!).

Your Fischbrötchen will be served with a lot of heart and the typical northern understatement. And a nice extra is that you are seated at the most beautiful spot to watch all the ships roll in and out. Not too many tourists on this side of the Landungsbrücken, either. It is great place for watching the sunset. A tip: Try the Krabbenbrötchen (crab sandwich). It costs a little extra and they even apologize for it but it is so worth it.


If you happen to roam around the Reeperbahn and its neighbouring streets, you should drop by the very popular Taqueria Mexiko Strasse. Once a popular Mexican street food stand and then a pop-up Restaurant, the Mexiko Strasse has now found a permanent home in one of the nice parts of St. Pauli. The food is simple, fresh and delicious. The Taco variations are the best in town and ever-changing. There are the Mexican classics and some additions like the taco with a Hamburg twist. You won’t be disappointed.

The setting and the atmosphere is very comforting. There are some tables outside, beneath the trees and just a few steps away from buzzy Reeperbahn. Let the accommodating staff tell you about the specials of the day. A tip: If they have the Pozole (traditional Chicken Soup), you should order it. It’s not the quickest lunch dish, but you will love it.


The Isemarkt is an extraordinary gourmet farmer’s market stretching for almost one kilometre and just below the elevated metro tracks (which also shield you against the rain). It is considered Europe’s largest outdoor market with over 200 vendors amidst the beautiful residential neighbourhood of Eppendorf.

Between the stands with fresh flowers, vegetables, bread, spices and soap, you will find dozens of high-quality food stalls, offering everything from soups, cured meats, sandwiches, french fries and sausages to fish platters. Everything here is fresh and sustainable, so you can indulge yourself and have a good conscience at the same time. And if you feel you still need to pamper yourself, go find the stall with the pralines and chocolates – they’re wonderful.

If you like the pure culture of street food, then the Food Truck Sessions are the place to be. Every Thursday around noon until 15:00, vendors occupy the Spielbudenplatz with their Food-Trucks, Food-Trailers and Stalls, offering experimental and delicious dishes. You will find vegan food, artisanal hot dogs, various sweets and burrito variations. Classic street food.

There is a long table (100 metres) for all the food aficionados to sit and eat, drink and get to know each other. It has a very nice and communicative atmosphere. A tip: If you find the stall that sells smoked Spanferkel, you should try it. It is the traditional German version of pulled Pork and you may just fall in love with it.

Luciella’s icecream Arguably the best ice cream parlour in town.
Grey Shrimp Typically found in the North Sea and typically served on a sandwich.