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Hamburg Happy Veggie!

From the ice cream parlour to the oldest vegan restaurant in town, dated 1976, It’s easy to be veggie in Hamburg.

If you think of Germany as a meaty destination, you’ll change your mind; in Hamburg, there are a lot of veggie (hot) spots, and even a restaurant that led the vegetarian scene all over Europe. The oldest vegetarian restaurant in Hamburg, the Tassajara, may still be one of its best. Long before it was a trend, in 1976, this place changed the game its refined cuisine. They always have a wide variety on the menu with changing daily specials. From curry, enchiladas, pasta to Königsberger Klopse (the best!). Also, you will find a great selection of vegan dishes. Cosy and with a lot of colour, the Tassajara has been popular for many decades now. You should make a reservation to be sure as it is ideally located in one of the nicest parts of town: Eppendorf. Take the opportunity to wander through the streets after you treated yourself.


Another beloved place is LEAF with its widely known creative kitchen. The chefs are known for working with seasonal and local ingredients, which even convinces meat eaters. The rather small menu with high-quality produce is mainly from the region and from organic farming. The menu will therefore change at regular intervals. If you drop by in the afternoon, it is worth sitting down in the nice living room atmosphere and having some of the excellent vegan cakes. It is also a nice chance to experience the charm of a cosy neighbourhood which is overseen most of the time: Ottensen. It is a very popular area to live in, but most tourists don’t come here. Which seems to be an oversight.


Another healthy hot-spot in a great quarter of town would be the quirky Mangold in the Karoviertel. The nice folks here serve delicious varied vegetarian/vegan cuisine while you are overlooking the Marktstraße, a.k.a. street theatre. It is a great place to sit outside. The ever-changing weekly menu is completed by daily specials. High quality seasonal ingredients and delicious southern German cuisine (Schwaben) make this place an instant crowd pleaser. If you want to go the “distance” and visit the South for 15 minutes, you need to order the delicious cheese pasta in chard (Käsespätzle). You may feel a bit tired afterwards, but hey, there is a big lawn right in front of you. Take your time.


Yet another classic spot can be found in the beautiful parts of St. Pauli. Recently moved here from Eimsbüttel – which is a classic neighbourhood for young people and families (and also a little boring) – Happenpappen (a strange name even in German) is welcomed to the neighbourhood. It feels like you are visiting a friend who happens to have a really great kitchen – intimate almost, which is great. The Happenpappen is a completely vegan restaurant. In addition to Happy Bowls, Quiche or Bulgur Salad, there are daily changing dishes and from 6 p.m. on you can enjoy the classic vegan burgers, which are awesome. Whether for lunch or dinner, you will be satisfied and the dishes are always beautifully prepared – so you can instagram your food if you please. Say Hi to the super-nice people who work there. It is a good place. And after you stopped smiling, you may wander off to the in-quarter Karoviertel, just a few steps away.


This spot is a stroke of luck: Harbour! Ice Cream! Vegan!

The Liberty is a cool ice cream parlour (and bistro) right on the harbour. The Liberty is a completely vegan café and bistro with food and drinks, all of which are free of animal inhalants. The branch at the fish market is cosy, cuddly and offers, in addition to hot dogs and sandwiches, pies and excellent cakes and the main attraction: Vegan ice creams, which come from their own production. The ice cream balls are as big as a small dog and are fairly priced. They almost make for a complete meal. If you have a sweet tooth. There is also a new second branch in Eimsbüttel, which is certainly just as cute and great… but, you guessed it, does not have a harbour.

Traveling with a no-vegan If you are with somebody that is not interested in cool, healthy, tasty vegetarian food, try LeBuffet - a wide choice of every food, prepared just in front of the customers. On the 4th Floor of the Alsterhaus.
Kale Hamburg cuisine uses a lot of kale. The only vegetarian dish you can try is a Kohlrouladen, a cabbage roll - with no meat.