Hamburg The Best Ice Cream Parlours
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Hamburg The Best Ice Cream Parlours

The inside scoop on the coolest gelato spots

During a warm summer day of sightseeing or after a spicy dinner, what better way to reward yourself than with a delicious ice cream? But don’t go for the pre-packed, sugar-loaded popsicles or ice cream bars. Hamburg has quite a few artisanal ice cream places with high-quality scoops. These Parlours are well worth a visit and sometimes even a little detour.

Luciella’s Ice Cream– Frozen Uniqueness

Whatever you are doing and whatever you have just eaten, there should always be a little room left for a very special ice cream, right? There are a considerable number of quality ice cream shops in town, but Luciella’s Ice Cream is worth taking a detour for, into the nicest part of St. Pauli. It’s a favourite of ours and arguably the best ice cream in town. While it’s tiny, they do have enough room for a small kitchen in the back – that’s where the magic happens! The two owners, Luisa & Markus, simply love ice cream. Luisa studied at the Gelato-University in Bologna (no joke!) and they own the Bugatti of the Ice machines: A Carpigiani. In addition, they only use the best ingredients and they like to experiment a lot. Have you ever tasted vanilla-salt ice cream? Or how about Earl Grey? Strawberry–estragon is also a nice taste combination. You can try a sample of all the flavours before you order.

Enjoy the nice vibes outside and roam this cosy neighbourhood.

Luciella’s Ice Cream
Liberty – Great Vegan Ice Cream with a view

This spot is a lucky combination: ice cream on the harbour and it’s vegan! The Liberty is a completely vegan café and bistro with food and drinks, all of which are free of animal inhalants. The branch at the fish market is quite cosy and offers – in addition to hot dogs and sandwiches – pies and excellent cakes and the main attraction: vegan ice creams, which originate from homemade production. For a fair price, the ice cream balls are much bigger than average; they almost make for a complete meal… perfect if you have a sweet tooth!

Liberty Eiscafé und Bistro
Eisladen Ottensen – Ice cream runs in the family

This little place is a family-run ice cream parlour, which puts a lot of emphasis on the best ingredients. The fruits come fresh from the nearby Ottensener market and they only use natural, regional and seasonal products in their ice cream. No need for artificial colorants, preservatives and flavour enhancers. And that totally pays off as you can taste the natural purity in each flavourful scoop. Amazing.

Every day, there is fresh ice cream until they’ve sold out, to avoid having to throw away any product. You may be overwhelmed by choice with over fifty ice cream varieties! Try seldom specialties such as semolina blackberry, forest honey or crunchy almond. There are times when you do not even have to drive to beautiful Ottensen to get a scoop; that is, whenever the nostalgic ice cream truck “Eisladen” is making its rounds in Hamburg.

Eisladen Ottensen
The showcase of trends When Alsterhaus opened in 1897, women fell in love with the fashionable hats and parasols from across the border in France, as well as the selection of food and products imported from the far East. Nothing has changed for more than a century, and Alsterhaus is still a reference point for what’s hot in town... and all over the world.
Hanseatic modernity The atrium of the Alsterhaus at the ground floor has been completely renovated by designer Sebastian Herkner. The Luxury Hall hosts international brands in a neoclassical structure with a contemporary maritime ambience.