Hamburg The Capital of Craft Pens
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Hamburg The Capital of Craft Pens

Buying a handmade artisan pen in Hamburg

Hamburg is arguably the best place in Europe to buy an extraordinary pen, one that will be with you for the rest of your life for all your important documenting needs. Be it an artisan custom-made pen by Hamburg designer legends or a high-end writing instrument by one of the finest manufacturers in the world like Montblanc (which calls Hamburg its home), long live the old art of penmanship!

Montblanc from Hamburg

When the first Meisterstück was manufactured over 90 years ago, it left its unique mark on writing culture and quickly became an icon. The Meisterstück revolutionised the world of exclusive writing instruments. With incredible details such as its gold (18k) nib, it is, to this day, for many people the definition of the finest craftsmanship.

At Montblanc, which manufactures in Hamburg, each Meisterstück nib is meticulously profiled by hand in a process comprising over 30 steps and crowned by the singular “4810” engraving, representing the height of the Mont Blanc massif.

You can marvel at the whole Meisterstück collection and other fine writing pieces in their relatively new Flagship Store in Hamburg’s fine shopping mile or at Alsterhaus.

Stefan Fink: the wood craftsmanship

Perfect and simple in form, manufactured from fine woods in more than 300 steps, Stefan Fink’s minimalist writing instruments have virtually gained cult status and quickly became true collector’s items. To those who know them, their timeless design combines the warmth and sensuality of wood with nearly perfect functionality.

Fink’s writing instruments are represented in the collections of well-known museums and are in the hands of well-known personalities from the fields of art, culture, politics and economics. In addition, the hand-crafted pocket feather pens “Kiebitz” and “Spatz” are Fink’s “Meisterstück” and have been awarded the Manufactory Product of the Year 2016. In that sense, they are more than pens; they are somewhere between objects of art and high-end pieces of exquisite craftsmanship.

Visit Stefan Fink in his boutique and workshop in beautiful St. Georg.

Elbwood: the Hanseatic Penmaker

Frank Pressentin, a creative craftsman from the HafenCity, is bringing back the forgotten culture of handwriting. With a private studio workshop located right near the Elbphilharmonie, Pressentin views it as a shipyard for writing instruments, with which the handwriting of its owner goes on a big trip.

His brand ELBWOOD is an international name, testament to its ambitious claim to bring high-quality writing instruments from German handcraft and work value back to an absolute world-class standard. As an individual production, he exclusively builds unique items by hand – pens, fountain pens and pencils. According to Pressentin, “The most personal writing instrument in the world is created in direct dialogue with the customer. In addition, he can sift, feel and select the individual materials to his liking.” It takes approximately six to eight weeks and almost 400 steps to get started with an individual writing instrument. It’s probably safe to say these pens are a promising and fitting souvenir for anyone.