Milan Any Given Sunday: Traditional Lunch in Milan
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Adrian Rinascente Milano Duomo, Milan

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Milan Any Given Sunday: Traditional Lunch in Milan

After years of eating American style brunch, the Sunday lunch is back. An excuse to gather the whole family around the table, relax and eat Italian food.

Milan loves fashion and hates going out on Sundays. Sunday is a day for relaxation, family, low heels and comfort food – and in the evening, pizza delivery. Restaurants are closed (at least most of them!) and during the years, brunch has become increasingly popular: pancakes, omelettes, coffee and juice. Great American buffets have fed singles, couples and families – and completely replaced the all-Italian Sunday roast with potatoes at Grandma’s house.
As it often happens, things return, and the Sunday lunch is now the latest trend. You can go to the restaurant, in a place that recreates a homey environment, and even eat traditional recipes. A perfect way to feel at home, even when traveling.

Traditional dishes that you don’t even cook at home anymore: here is the new "trend"!
Check the closing times. On Sunday, in Milan, many restaurants, almost all of them, are closed. It is better to plan your dinner in advance.
Along the Navigli district For a Sunday stroll, choose the Navigli district, with its completely renovated Darsena – the small dock area where the canals merge.