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Milan Best Tables in Town

From the two Michelin star restaurant serving true Italian cuisine to the take away sushi on rainy days or the “made in Milan” wine, Milan is the gastronomic capital of Italy, and these are the places to keep an eye on in 2019

Aimo and Nadia: Italian haute cuisine - 2 Michelin stars

In the Seventies, Aimo and Nadia Moroni “invented” the Italian haute cuisine, setting aside French inspiration and embarking on a journey made of traditional recipes with regional ingredients such as olive oil and enhancing the country’s excellencies like tomato sauce pasta. The gastronomic history of Italy was basically made here. After 60 years and boasting two Michelin stars, Il Luogo di Aimo and Nadia is still an important reference point for Italian cuisine. Their daughter Stefania manages the dining room while chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani run the kitchen, carrying on the tradition initiated by Aimo and Nadia Moroni with a continuous search for the best ingredients in the Italian territory and the techniques capable of enhancing them. Here, you can eat great contemporary Italian cuisine in a newly renovated environment. Don’t miss the Homage to Milan (ossobuco, marrow, saffron and parmesan stuffed Tortelli) and the legendary Etrurian Soup, one of the most famous dishes in Italy.

Aji: The delivery of starry sushi

Calling it a take-away restaurant would be a mistake, since this is a spin-off project of the only star-studded ethnic restaurant in all of Italy. After 12 years, the Iyo managers have opened Aji and sent their oriental cuisine around Milan, all prepped in a hyper-technological restaurant featuring a 70-meter-long open kitchen where chefs prepare orders guided by an electronic machine that marks times and avoids delays. Stylish, incredibly elegant for take-away and with a communal table to eat on site: it’s definitely the perfect restaurant for a refined dinner, without even leaving the house (or the hotel).

Identità Golose Hub: The pop-up restaurant

Identity Golose is a chef event, a site and a restaurant guide. Since 2018, it has also been a true restaurant, where you can go for lunch or dinner – or to attend the many events hosted in this space right in the city centre. The idea is to promote talented Italian and international chefs who cook “low cost” classic menus during event evenings. Perfect for tasting Southern Italian and regional refined cuisine; just check the schedule and see who is in the city.

Cantina Urbana makes wine in Milan

Sounds like a joke, but it’s true: There is someone who makes wine in Milan. Found in the Navigli district, some local grapes are under the collaboration of oenologists who specialise in barrel-aged wine. This is Cantina Urbana’s new adventure aiming at uniting countryside winemakers and city inhabitants. You can try a glass of Naviglio Rosso wine made from Croatina and Barbera grapes and aged in terracotta amphorae.

The Spirit: a cocktail bar for true gentlemen

You can barely see it from the street, but once you cross the doorstep of this place you are in an elegant, soft, cosy environment, perfect for a glass after dinner. There is no noise, no rush, just a well-stocked bar, excellent bartenders and the perfect romantic atmosphere. The drink menu changes according to seasons, but just order a great classic to understand how good they are.

The city of fashion Milan is the capital of fashion, design and the ‘Made in Italy’ brands in the third millennium. Rinascente has pioneered the times, dictating “what’s hot” with clothing, home décor, accessories, beauty and food – all for one trendy place to be!
The design supermarket Not just fashion here: Milan is the new leading capital of interior design. Want to shop for a stylish souvenir? Head to the underground floor at Rinascente and grab a basket as you walk the aisles of the first design supermarket.