Milan Breakfast in the city
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Sylvia Rinascente Milano Duomo, Milan

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Milan Breakfast in the city

Historic pastry shops with vintage furniture, new openings by talented, trendy pastry chefs and luxury Milanese institutions where you can enjoy something for just €3 – so, don’t have breakfast in the hotel!

In Italy, coffee is always good! Wrong. That’s why finding a bar for breakfast that combines good confectionary and excellent espresso is not that easy.
Espresso is a commodity, to be served at the counter and drunk in one gulp, without even knowing the coffee blend. Today, however, things are changing, and the culture of having a coffee sitting down relaxing, working or simply seeing a friend has become a new trend. It sounds almost amusing if we think about how Starbucks has spread successfully around the world, but in Italy it will only arrive in 2018, in Milan, and until a few years ago, people didn’t even know what filter coffee was. But historic pastry shops are still here, where time seems to stand still and the Christmas panettone is served all year round.

Cappuccino and brioche: Italian breakfast
Cappuccino The classic Italian breakfast, better before 11.00 am. Not to be had with a meal, in the afternoon or after dinner.
Morocchino A shot of espresso with cream and a dusting of cocoa powder. A much-loved beverage in Milan.