Milan Boys and Girls Allowed
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Sylvia Rinascente Milano Duomo, Milan

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Milan Boys and Girls Allowed

Milan is a child-friendly city, just follow our guide to discover the right addresses - those where adults can enter only if accompanied.

In Milan, children have busy schedules, almost like their parents. During the week, after school, between basketball, swimming, football, dance, drama and English classes, they are as busy as CEOs. But during the weekends, exhibitions, museums and child-friendly spaces are filled with families looking for cultural entertainment and fun ways to spend the time. There are plenty of activities available, including the most traditional ones.

The list includes: Atelier Carlo Colla e Figli puppet theatre – up and running since the nineteenth century; the Teatro del Buratto; Wow – the Comics Museum; and the great Natural History Museum with its numerous displays and stuffed animals.

To overcome language problems and make everybody happy, here are the most fascinating places in town – where airplanes fly and where adults must be accompanied by a little one!

Opening times Many museums are closed on Mondays – either in the morning or all day long.
Free transportation Children under 10 travel free on Milan buses and underground (metro).