Milan Forks and Chopsticks
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Adrian Rinascente Milano Duomo, Milan

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Milan Forks and Chopsticks

It’s not just veal chops and risotto in Milan, you can also eat delicious Chinese, Mexican, Peruvian and Japanese food - contemporary cuisine with exclusively Made in Italy ingredients.

When traveling, we are always looking for something authentic and original. In Milan, we tend to go for a veal chop and saffron risotto (Risotto alla Milanese), or perhaps with sliced veal shank (Ossobuco), but it turns out that you can only have these kinds of dishes in touristic places. Milanese locals eat sushi, Southern Italian street food, pizza and have dinner using chopsticks rather than forks.

Milan has its own China Town, a community that has been here since the early twentieth century, and therefore boasts traditional Chinese cuisine. Apart from its Chinese community and another small group of Somalian origins around Porta Venezia, there have been few colonies in its history. Everything else is the result of a cultural and culinary influences, originated in the last twenty years.

Next generation restaurants offer a modern culinary experience in trendy, elegant settings.

One restaurant out of three in the city is now run by foreigners, but among them, the next generation ones stand out with high quality products and skills.

The new places that have opened include the only Michelin star restaurant of its kind in Italy, called Iyo, along with Mexican contemporary cuisine and luxury Chinese restaurants where you can pair a dim sum with champagne. There are even the ramen bars where you have to queue up for a bowl of noodles. All places where you eat well and at the same time experience the true, varied and international side of Milan.


If you are looking for nachos and fajitas in a restaurant decorated with ponchos and sombreros, this is not for you. Here you can taste a culinary anthology of contemporary Mexican cuisine, made of flavours and spices, elegance, creativity, and lightness – in a design environment with a wonderful view of Porta Nuova skyline. A delicious Margarita with dinner is also an option.


Fill the table with bamboo baskets of dim sum, freshly cooked in the open kitchen. Shumai with beef and black pepper, Milanese-style Jiaozi with squash, saffron pumpkin and balsamic vinegar, fried bananas and shrimp rolls. Just like in Hong Kong, but with a glass of champagne.


Nikkei cuisine by chef Jaime Pesaque of Mayta Restaurant in Lima. You can eat ceviche (raw fish cured in citrus juices), tiradito, but also dim sum and more elaborate dishes that mix traditional Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. Pacifico was established in Peru and is very fashionable around the world. Don’t miss the Pisco bar.


The only «ethnic» restaurant in Italy to have a Michelin star. The dishes are Japanese-Italian and completely developed by sushi man Haruo Ichikawa and chef Michele Biasson. Try the 8-course Omakase tasting menu.


An Italian man who journeyed to New York and discovered ramen, today sees a long queue in front of his restaurant in Milan. He serves Italian-style bowls of noodles, to be eaten quickly before soaking too long. You’ll want to sip on the broth made of Italian ingredients left for you at the end.


It is nice to spend an hour in via Paolo Sarpi, a charming pedestrian street in the heart of China Town. Among cheap clothing stores and Chinese restaurants, you can stop for an excellent, quick take away: dumplings with Italian meat from selected farms and prepared before your eyes.

Opening hours Many restaurants are closed on Sunday evenings.
Missing cuisine In Milan there are few Thai, Middle Eastern and Indian restaurants.