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Sylvia Rinascente Milano Duomo, Milan

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Milan Meat Free Milano

Vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists can find the chickpea burgers, avocado toasts and Buddha bowls. Milan is the capital of healthy eating, appreciated even by the meat-lovers out there.

In Milan, it used to be risotto and veal chops, then sushi and burgers, but now it is the turn of vegetarian restaurants. Avocado toasts, Buddha bowls, quinoa and chia seeds are the new trend and it seems that, rather than the traditional trattoria, locals prefer to go out and eat at a raw food restaurant (where nothing exceeds 43° C temperature), vegetarian fast food joints, vegan burger restaurants or some new 100% meat-free opening. This is a fad for now, but since 1990 Milan has boasted the first and only Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant in Europe, owned by chef Pietro Leemann, who made the history of the haute vegetarian cuisine.
Here is a selection of addresses where diners can eat well, pleasing the palates of both vegetarians and meat-lovers alike; where you can try something new and reduce the consumption of animal protein with no regrets.

Pizza? Go simple In Italy, the Margherita pizza is vegetarian (with mozzarella), the Marinara is vegan (just olive oil and tomato).
Vegan ice creams The sorbet is made only with water, sugar and fruit, no milk. However, ice cream shops offer different milk-free or vegetable milk flavours.